How To Find The Best NetSuite Implementation Partner!

How To Find The Best NetSuite Implementation Partner!

A NetSuite implementation is usually claimed to be a complicated procedure. But the right NetSuite Consultant can make this process easy and succeed with your ERP deployment. A third-party expert devoted to assisting new NetSuite users in integrating the platform is known as an implementation partner. These partners are typical, though only sometimes, the same ones who helped you buy NetSuite.

It is only as good as the team that puts it together, as many experienced NetSuite Companies exist. Most importantly, working with a NetSuite implementation partner is the most excellent method to succeed with a NetSuite implementation.

The data on ERP deployment success rates could be more encouraging, and the processes involved are complex. However, a NetSuite Consultant will do the job if you want to do much better.

How to Find the Best NetSuite Implementation Partner!

Once you decide you need a NetSuite implementation consultant, how do you know who's right for you? Here are five factors to consider when choosing the best NetSuite implementation partner or ERP consultants for your business:

1. Partner Reputation

Spend some time asking people in the neighbourhood about potential matches. Adopting an ERP is a significant project that carries risk by nature. So, before you commit, it's wise to obtain a sense of a potential partner's reputation. You can utilise the following sites to learn more about NetSuite partners: The first is the unofficial NetSuite community on Reddit. They are approachable and comfortable chatting openly.

2. Corporate Culture

You will be working with these folks for weeks or possibly even months. Therefore culture is crucial. They'll become an addition to your group. Making sure there will be no disruptive friction between your internal team and the outside personnel you bring in is essential because it could prevent a successful implementation.

3. Proximity

Finding a partner you can meet in person who works in the same time zone and is familiar with your cultural and geographic situations is ideal under normal circumstances.

4. Company Experience

The primary reason you are recruiting a partner in the first place is that experience matters. Make sure the partner you are considering has a long history of productive NetSuite installs and has satisfied prior clients who are willing to attest to their efficacy. Your implementation partner should ideally know your sector in addition to NetSuite knowledge. Some partners exclusively concentrate on specific areas, like software or retail.

5. Company Size

With smaller businesses, the rates are more affordable, and the customer service is frequently on par with or superior. Additionally, if you and your implementation team have a more intimate relationship, you won't have to worry about being regarded as a number.

Adopting With NetSuite

When it comes to the implementation, new NetSuite users might need to be made aware of what they don't know. Therefore, we have created a checklist to assist new users in deciding whether to invest their resources in an implementation partner or implement themselves.

NetSuite specifically plays a big part in how well the setup goes. Because there was ZERO expertise with NetSuite on the team, I have witnessed giant firms with sizable expenditures fail miserably throughout the implementation process. If you are still getting familiar with the subtleties and complexity of NetSuite, it could cost you time and money.

Even if you already have these resources, it's still crucial to realise that this deployment can become a full-time job and take weeks or even months to accomplish. Therefore, you'll need to develop plans for the implementation teams' regular tasks; otherwise, you risk overworking and tiring out your staff when you need them to be at their best.

Types of NetSuite Implementation

1. Simple

The implementation is operational right out of the box; the customer is a single entity, and no additional modules or customisations are necessary. This is for ten or fewer users.

2. Normal

Implementation is for a single entity or a group of entities with few functional gaps and extra modules required. The company only speaks and uses one language. This is suitable for ten to a hundred people.

3. Complex

Multiple entities with multiple locations, currencies, and languages are involved in the implementation. There are numerous functional gaps and various integration requirements. This is for more than 100 users. For any performance deemed normal or more significant, advised to look for a partner.

Need For NetSuite Implementation Partner

Based on the implementation's specific requirements, the accounting department, a project manager, a system administrator, and a developer will all need to devote a significant amount of time to the task. Specific department heads may need to contribute ideas and take time if more than the ERP module is introduced. However, it all varies based on the NetSuite Services that you need.

A third-party consultant with expertise in helping new NetSuite users integrate the platform is known as a NetSuite installation partner. Usually, but only sometimes, the same partners helped you buy NetSuite.

Therefore, it may be better to bring in a partner to supplement your staff if you need to have these resources available or you can't divert them to execute your ERP full-time. As the cliché goes, a NetSuite implementation will most likely be successful if a team implements it. There is some truth in that even though NetSuite implementations are challenging. The success percentages aren't encouraging.

Techasoft provides implementation services for NetSuite ERP, NetSuite OneWorld, NetSuite OpenAir, and NetSuite PBCS. Additionally, they scale up, spin-off and adopt new business models according to your flexibility.

If you've chosen to implement NetSuite for your company, this is undoubtedly one of the best moves you've ever made to boost business growth. NetSuite is the most rapidly expanding Cloud ERP platform trusted by thousands of organisations worldwide thanks to its unique features and capabilities.

In this decision, however, selecting the appropriate implementation partner is equally crucial because, without a competent and experienced partner, your implementation project may take longer or, worst yet, fail. The ideal implementation partner can provide excellent recommendations, give cutting-edge customisation possibilities, and offer assistance and direction for getting the most out of the NetSuite platform.

However, a NetSuite Consultant is the best choice if you want to speed up your NetSuite deployment rather than finish it late. The best strategy for success is to collaborate with a NetSuite implementation partner.

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