How To Maintain Your SEO Rankings After Reaching The Top position

How To Maintain Your SEO Rankings After Reaching The Top position

Getting a top search engine ranking is not an easy process and, it demands a lot of effort and money. If you did not maintain your SEO Keyword Ranking after reaching the highest position, then you are going to face many difficulties in the future. Once you reached the top position, it doesn’t mean you will stay in that position forever. There is a possibility that your competitors can outrank you easily and the main goal of every website owner is to achieve top ranking in the Google search engine result. Staying up in the same position is not the easy thing to do because it requires a lot of time, perfect strategies, and a hefty budget. Techasoft is a popular SEO Company in Bangalore, which provides all forms of services related to digital marketing, and in this blog, we are going to take a glance at what it takes to maintain a high keyword ranking.

Why You Shouldn’t Stop Focusing On SEO Keyword Ranking

SEO is the most important part of marketing statics and it requires continuous maintenance. There is a chance that your rankings can easily slip away if you did not maintain your SEO campaign after attaining top positions. To sustain in the competitive environment and to prevent loss of organic traffic, you should ensure you do not lose your rankings. If you stand at the top of the results, you can earn more conversion rates.

Update Your Site

In order to stay at the top of the search engine rankings, you just need to update your site at specific intervals of time and the Google search engine considers the content quality and freshness as part of its ranking algorithm. If you want to maintain keywords and to increase the user experience of visitors, update your content by including videos and images to your content. Keeping your article relevant and current is the simple step to maintain a high ranking, if your content is not current then the user will leave your website quickly and check in to your website every month, to ensure that your website is up-to-date.

Expand Your Link Building

Most of the website owners focus on the quantity rather than the quality of their backlinks. If you got rank for a specific keyword, there is no requirement to create excessive backlinks to that page. Google can easily find if a site is gaining links at a short interval of time and this will leads to situation that your website even gets banned. If you need to maintain your keyword rank, then you should expand your links to multiple pages of your website.

Maintain The Site Speed

Site speed is the most important ranking factor considered by Google and if your website does not load at a faster rate or it takes more time while loading on the website can result in loss of potential users. Google rank the website which loads less than one seconds hence it is mandatory to maintain a good loading speed. If your website does not load fast try the below solutions.

  • Compress all the images on your site using tools.
  • Switch to another hosting provider to get a faster website.
  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance the download speeds.
  • Ensure that the technology you are using is attractive in order to prevent reloads and it also helps speed up website load times.

Build Your Social Media Presence

Your social media presence can increase your traffic to a higher rate and search engines view each social media as a trusted brand.  If your website has links from top brands like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin then it can easily get a high rank in the search engine. If you have good social media visibility, then more people will like and share your content. You can increase social media presence by following the below tactics.

  • Add a social media share button to your articles.
  • Provide a free piece of content to your users instead of a social media share.
  • Include explicit calls to action in your articles.

Become The Default Link With Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are nothing but short chunks of information, pulled from sites that Google thinks are related to the search query. There are three types of snippets available in the online medium and they are tablets, lists, and paragraphs. Build a content that is designed for featured snippets and create content in a Q&A format, so that when a user types a question into the query bar, they will get your answer right away.

Outbound And Internal Links

Links within your website is equally important as backlinks to your site. Sending outbound links to trusted brands in your niche allows Google to find the relevancy of your website and ensure that the external pages you are linking to offer relevant, valuable content to your readers.

Use internal linking wisely and it is the perfect tactic that will help maintain your keyword rankings. Internal linking will allow search engines to better understanding your website content.


In this article, we have discusses a list of some of the strategies that you can use to maintain SEO keyword ranking and if you implement all these tactics then you can maintain your top ranking in the search engine forever.

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