Job assessment test for better employment

Job assessment test for better employment

Employment today is transforming from being an education based to talent and skill based. Every employer today is searching for some specific skills in its future employees. To meet their demands, 76% of the companies with over 100 working professionals have devised the aptitude tests as a part of their recruitment process.  The test is an assessment of the potential of a candidate for any job role in the organization. The test is aimed at testing the candidate's ability to perform certain tasks and his reaction to varied situations. They have today become an evaluation tool of the candidate's competencies.

job aptitude test is very accurate in envisaging the success of the candidate if it is properly customized, benchmarked and validated for the job profile. It gives the company the best predictions of the candidate being a high performer with a problem-solving attitude. Every job profile demands some specific abilities that determine if the candidate possess the right level of intelligence needed for the work to be completed. Numerous studies have underlined the fact that the best predictor of success at work is cognitive intelligence as this helps in avoiding the bad hiring decisions which can be expensive. Job aptitude test based on the demands of the job profile helps one to create a structured hiring process and it helps the HR executives to decide the benchmarks on which the candidates will be screened.

Aptitude test helps in assessing the future success rate of the candidate in the given job profile. There are different types of tests which are useful indicators of the performance of candidate at the workplace. These are:

  • Cognitive aptitude: The test is an assessment of the all-round growth of the individual as well as his capacity to learn more and perform better regardless of the task he is being offered. It is the most common tool of assessment and is the first step in the recruitment process. It tests the attitude of an individual towards daily life opportunities as well as snags.
  • Numerical aptitude: This test deals with the accuracy of an individual that is the accuracy with which he processes his data, makes calculations, etc. This test is aimed at confirming whether the candidate is confident about his varied calculations, payments being processed accurately, and all other inputs are sound. This ensures reduced risk of future blunders and the employee being sound enough to spot as well as handle errors in future tasks.
  • Verbal aptitude: This test is based on the communication skills of an individual and his ability to understand the complex verbal information and apply that correctly in the workplace. A candidate with high verbal aptitude is preferred to represent the company intelligently and potentially at various platforms. It allows the candidate to be a good resort for the company while dealing with presentations, seminars, etc.
  • Abstract reasoning: This test checks the skills of the candidate to solve a problem or ability to determine the best possible solution to a situation in the minimum possible time. This test checks the action-reaction response of the employee. While working in companies one often comes across situations that need fast as well as valid and good solutions.
  • Critical thinking: this test determines whether the candidate can think logically and analytically when it comes to complex tasks. Companies where it is required to assess the situations case by case this attribute is of utmost importance as here one needs to work out the finest solutions keeping in mind the company rules and policy.
  • Diagrammatic reasoning: This test determines the logic of the candidate.  His attitude towards the task and the logic with which he has worked out the solution. It gives the employer a view of the candidate's insight and his approach to solve various problems regardless of the background information available.
  • Spatial reasoning: It requires the candidate to visualize a situation in his mind and work out a solution for it. Such type of test are taken up in the organization which requires the visualization skills of an individual such at engineering, design, architecture, etc. It helps to predict that whether a candidate can solve with a limited number of inputs which ensures that the candidate will perform well in any situation in future even without groundwork or preparation.

Aptitude assessment tests also promote innovation in the company. Innovation differentiates a business from its competition and helps the company in improving its business process. But to be innovative the company needs employees with creative thinking and ideas that can transform life. Innovation requires various skills like creativity, problem-solving communication, etc. If carefully examined these are the same qualities an employer is searching for in his employees through these aptitude tests. So, we can see how innovation and aptitude tests are so related.

Aptitude tests allow the company to make an informed and precise decision when it comes to hiring individuals. Often there is more than one applicant for a job, so the company will make comparisons between the different prospects. There may be hundreds and thousands of individuals applying for the same profile and going through the resumes of every individual is both time and money consuming. Here come the aptitude tests for our rescue. It helps to cut down this number as it simply rejects those who are not even able to meet the very basic standard required for the job profile.  This may be a little disheartening but knowing this one can start his preparation for such tests right away.


The aptitude test helps the company to hire a worthy candidate from a big chunk of unemployed youth. These help in matching the demands of employer and employees is a big way. These tests set up a framework on which the company works as they set a standard for hiring in the company. They also help the candidate in determining the type of skill he has and the skills he needs to develop in himself. It is very important for both the parties that are the employer and the employee to feel the candidate is the right fit for a given job profile. The test also helps the candidate in the future while going through new hiring or promotion.  As a sound description about the job, its responsibilities and expectations are necessary for the candidate to get an evaluate the situation he is diving into, similarly these aptitude development tests based on skill and knowledge helps the companies hire the best, for the future development goals of both parties.

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