List of Guest Posts Sites And How To Do Guest Blogging

List of Guest Posts Sites And How To Do Guest Blogging

What is Guest Blogging?

The guest blogging is the process of writing content for another company website and the guest blogging has several benefits such as attracting traffic back to their website, increasing brand awareness, boosting domain authority and building external links to high domain websites. It is also called as guest posting and it drives more visitors to your webpage, it also offers a double treat for both the guest blogger and the website hosting the guest content. Using guest blogging as key, you can build a relationship with your fellow peers and it also gives fresh content to the audience group. This blog gives the list of guest post sites and gives an answer of how to do guest blogging in the digital platform and it is the best trick for link building and SEO optimization. There are several authorized free guest post submission sites in India 2020 which will give you individual authority and make the website name famous.


How To Do Guest Blogging?

In the guest blogging, there were two situations that happened. The first one, when a skilled editor writes on your website then you can get better organic traffic on your site. The second one is when you write a blog on a high authority website it can make you famous that helps you to get more visitors for your writings.


To begin the guest blogging, follow the below steps.

Contact the editor

Contact the editor through email, social media or phone and ask them if they accept guest posts if they accept the proposal gives them a perfectly written blog.

Wait for the editor’s approval

Due to the high quality of the website, several people will give writing proposals to the editor. Hence wait till the editor approves your content and if the approval did not come on time then follow them with the short inquiry.

Submit your blog

If you got the approval then rewrite the blog with error-free content as per the prescribed format given by the editor.

Publish your blog

This is the final step in guest blogging and it will happen as the editor’s choice because they have a certain date to publish your blog on their website.


List of Guest Posts Sites

Techablog: Creat your own blog It’s easy and free. The Leatest Blog Submission Site. Blog Creation is an SEO Activity and one of the best methods to gain traffic from Techablog platforms.

OutbrainThis is an online advertiser specialized in business and content marketing. It has a global ranking of 128, and it does not accept republished content.

All blogging tipsAll blogging tips is the site for blogging related to business and money. It does not accept republished content from other sites and it is suitable for smart workers.

4seohelpIt is the instant approval guest posting sites that have the domain authority of 22 and page authority of 38.

StartupBrosStartup Bros is guest blogging run by a group of entrepreneurs and the content is about Startups, Entrepreneur and Marketing. If you have any blog regarding the above content, you can submit that to [email protected].

Blog engageBlog Engage is a blogging community where you can submit blog posts related to SEO, marketing, making money marketing and social media networking.

XonecoleXonecole is the best guest blog for women, and it is about lifestyle, clothing, and color. This website accepts already written content.

The Huffington PostIf you want to write a post in the Huffington post then you can submit a contact form and in this platform, you can write about multiple areas such as personal stories, style, technologies and even trending topics.

AboutAbout is the online platform where you can find hundreds of experts' writings and articles. In this blog, you can write anything that you want to speak out.

HubspotHubspot website accepts guest blogging and they are specialized in increasing traffic, higher conversion of leads, content marketing, social media marketing, and inbound marketing.

MashableIt is a high-quality website that has monthly visitors of more than 45 million people and the core content is about technology, digital innovation, breaking news, and widely available resources.

InvestopediaIt is the website which gives information related to finance and education. This website does not accept already published information on other sites.

MozMoz was started in the year 2004 and this site deals with SEO marketing, search engines, and social media.

Business 2 CommunityBusiness 2 Community is the website and this website concept published blogs from other websites. This site has information related to marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and it is the best platform to build a business.

BplansBplans is the best website and it does not accept any copied content. This site contains information related to business, marketing, startup, and business tools.

Small Business TrendsSmall business trends are a guest blogging site consisting of top news, business, marketing, technology, and marketing.

Social Media TodaySocial media today is the website relevant to social media marketing, digital strategy, content marketing and information related to communication. This site accepts online content from other websites.

Elephant JournalThis site is famous for guest blogging and the site is about self-improvement, lifestyle, business and productivity.

CoScheduleCoSchedule is a simple calendar that promotes the workings of marketers, bloggers, and social media marketers.

Penny HoarderPenny Hoarder is a website that gives money tips and personal finance management advice to other marketers. If you want to submit your writing then you can send them to their editor.

LifehackLifehack is a top website that shows information related to lifestyle and productivity.

Smashing MachineThe smashing machine is the website for designing and development. If you write blogs on their website then you will be paid from them.

The MuseThe Muse is the website for career growth, and it is the best medium for employers and companies to connect.



These are the free guest post submission sites in India 2020 and the paid guest post submission site. If you want to start guest blogging, then simply do a Google search on the topic of how to do a guest blog and follow the steps displayed in the result.

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