Microsoft Is Pushing The Bing Extension Installation In Google Chrome

Microsoft Is Pushing The Bing Extension Installation In Google Chrome

The Redmond giant isn't simply busy in moving whatever number clients it could reasonably, to Windows 10. As indicated by the report from Thurrott, one of the organization's best courses of action will include taking control of the default search engine in Google's Chrome browser for individuals who install Office 365 ProPlus.

This was spotted inside a Microsoft support document, which says that “Starting with Version 2002 of Office 365 ProPlus, an extension for Microsoft Search in Bing will be installed that makes Bing the default search engine for the Google Chrome web browser.” This thing will happen each time when you update a current version of Office 365 unless you have a Bing extension installed on your PC already. Microsoft clarifies this is generally expected to give business clients a simple method to take advantage of Microsoft Search if they are users of Google Chrome. Microsoft had to take this step to regain it’s clients which have now moved either to Firefox or to chrome over the past years. Talking about which, Microsoft plans to treat Firefox clients to the same extension and search engine changes in the coming months.

When this was the case the people immediately took it to Reddit, Twitter, and GitHub to complain about the move. While many accept they would install the Microsoft extension, system administrators in particular but they showed their dissatisfaction with Microsoft making Bing it’s default search engine, and also stated that this would cause a lot of fuss especially in the IT Department.

Microsoft was prepared for the backlash, so, it suggested in the support document that the users can exclude from downloading the extension from being installed through Group Policy or the Office Deployment Tool.

There's a lot of confusion that why Microsoft is doing this, because it is not a mystery that, Bing is a placed distant second to Google, and Bing also stays in the single digits region. Also, since Bing lost the offer for Google's "decision screen" on Android in the EU to DuckDuckGo, it's unlikely that the situation would change at any point in the near future. Bing’s only remaining funnels for users are Microsoft Edge and Cortana, both of which are not very popular with users.

Microsoft said that it will initially roll out these changes sometime in February for users in the US, Canada, India, France, Germany, and the UK. By the time this hits more regions, Firefox users will experience the same changes when installing or updating Office 365.

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