Mobile SEO : A Complete Guide to Auditing Your Site for Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO : A Complete Guide to Auditing Your Site for Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is the practice which stands for optimizing your content to achieve a better ranking for your web pages in search engine results page (SERP). It help improve organic traffic.

Developing a mobile-responsive site and empowering the mobile-SEO is of paramount importance. Several factors should be kept in mind in relation to mobile SEO such as Meta-tag & Meta description, Site loading speed, Optimised images & Responsive design etc. Important factors from Mobile SEO perspective are listed below

1. Content Optimization – Make content engaging, exciting and indexing to bring up the site in mobile SEO. Keep the content crisp, information rich and ensure the word count. Also, look for the Phrases and targeted keywords and create interesting contents.

2. High Responsiveness - Flexible layout, unique appearance, seamless user experience are some of the parameters in creating a responsive mobile site.

3. Dynamic Serving - Utilize a single URL for a particular device used by the visitor. Either use the CSS or the HTML versions.

4. Serve Technicalities Better- Technical upgradation is necessary when it comes to mobile SEO. Lookout for Site’s speed, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages which are vital factors in Mobile SEO. Also, look for the technical errors including faulty navigation & duplicate content

5. Boosting UX – The crucial mobile SEO best practices includes Boosting UX. Keeping forms short that doesn’t cover the entire mobile screen, Keep feature image small to cater to smaller mobile screen sizes and CTA button needs to be accessible at all times and with just one touch

6. Voice search - Typing is a constraint whereas voice commands comes handy.

7. Snippets - They give you a clutter free view on a mobile screen and are able to provide the complete information. 

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