Most important announcements from Microsoft ignite 2019

Most important announcements from Microsoft ignite 2019

Microsoft has always been rolling out major capabilities across it’s platforms and in a similar manner, Microsoft has made some important announcements in it’s professional IT Conference in 2019 held in Orlando, about the software and the services including for Microsoft Office, Cortana, Microsoft edge, Azure and also a lot about the new platforms for building new apps on Windows 10 and also that Project Silica is going to store data on the quartz glass and much more.

In addition to this Microsoft has also mentioned in a in a blog post  that a "broad range of new tools and services are available to help the companies and individuals by enabling their data to work for them, help their employees build expertise quickly, and take the advantage of key Azure tools no matter what cloud provider they’re using .”

In this article we are going to state all those important announcements made by Microsoft ignite in 2019.

Azure Synapse Analytics :

Microsoft has always added a tag of ' limitless ' to its Azure Synapse Analytics. The Azure Synapse Analytics has been serving a lot of purposes like ware housing and big data analytics. This new service will allow the company to manage resources around different cloud vendors including Google cloud, Amazon AWS, and it will also work with Kubernetes cluster, Linux and Windows. The company also added a statement that the Power Virtual Agents will now be easy to build chatbots and will also not need much of coding as the Azure Synapse Analytics Machine Learning will enable the chatbots to create a customer friendly application.

Some more details about the Azure are gained from the blog posts of Julia White, the corporate vice president for Azure which are stated below.

“Azure Arc extends these proven Azure management capabilities to Linux and Windows servers, as well as Kubernetes clusters on any infrastructure across on-premises, multi-cloud and edge,"

Additionally, with Azure Arc, "customers now have the flexibility to deploy Azure SQL Database and Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyper scale where they need it, on any Kubernetes cluster, "Azure Arc is a tool of Azure Synapse Analytics.

Project Cortes – Microsoft 365 :

This new addition that is Power Cortex in Microsoft 365 will be able to convert all the content of the organization into topics with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft 365 is a network of knowledge which works to increase the individual productivity and the intelligence of an organization. Along with this it will also help the experts to gain information and identify certain specific topics and also surface knowledge through the most interactive process.

Currently this Microsoft 365 is under private preview and is expected to take the floors from first half of 2020.

New Microsoft Edge :

The updated version of Microsoft edge browser is expected to roll out on 15th of January 2020. The new Microsoft edge is built on the Chromium open source and it is the same open source project that empowers Going Chrome.

In a blog post Jared Spataro the vice president if Microsoft 360 mentioned that

“ Key updates in the new Edge browser include an enterprise new tab page, where you’ll have direct access to your Microsoft 365 files, sites, and intranet search, making every tab you open a portal to productivity .”

Microsoft Edge will be available for Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and macos. The version for Linux will be available soon.

OneNote :

One of the important information revealed by the company is that it will backtrack to discontinue the OneNote Version 2016 for desktop and it will be supported by the mainstream up to the year 2025 and in the year 2020, in March month the office installer will install OneNote 2016 by default.

Also that this new OneNote coming in the year 2020 will be having a darkmode.

Conclusion :

Microsoft along with revealing these important information took another decision, that it is renaming it’s automated work flow solution to Microsoft Flow as power automate. Microsoft additionally mentioned that this offers API and UI based automation for enterprises via a unified platform.

I hope this article helped you to get the content you were looking for.

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