PHP Vs WordPress: How To Choose The Right One For Website?

PHP Vs WordPress: How To Choose The Right One For Website?

In this digital world, a business cannot sustain without owning a website to promote its products or service, and it is also the first impression you leave on your customers. Building a website from scratch is a tricky task, and it demands a lot of technical skills. Everyone use different tools to develop their websites based on their needs, knowledge, budget, and expertise.

Some prefer WordPress, while some others resort to the PHP to create a website. We are one of the WordPress Development Company where we offer website development services. A PHP framework is as essential as WordPress because it provides more flexibility, and you can make customize a website. Let’s do a breakdown of both options and choose which tool is better for you to build your website? PHP vs. WordPress


WordPress is a Content Management System(CMS) that is used to create, manage & design your website content. Most of the CMS has an in-built attractive theme for your website, and WordPress enables you to enhance the functionality of its basic features. You can easily create a website from scratch using WordPress, and even beginners can create your own website with a little effort.

PHP Framework

PHP is an open-source programming language used to create websites, applications, and other tools. It is the best language start for beginners to start their coding carrier, and PHP used for creating a dynamic website. PHP provides better functionality, it can help you give your website the exact features you need, and it can be a little rigid at some points.

WordPress vs. PHP: Which One Should You Choose?

Both options are good for developing a website, but which one prevails over the other one? Let’s discuss


How much you spend on building a website that is the most common question that comes in the mind people. Most of us think that WordPress is cheaper than PHP, but it not true because WordPress demands big money for premium themes and plug-ins. If you have a limited budget or if you are budget consious, open-source then you should go for PHP.

Website Type

You can choose the one depending on the website you are going to build. There are a variety of websites available on the internet, and some of them are blog-site single-page websites, multi-layered websites, and E-commerce websites. If you are going to build a highly complicated website, then PHP is the better option. However, if you think of developing sites, full of blogs, or informative content, then WordPress is the best choice for you.

Programming Knowledge

If you have some decent programming coding skills, then you can take PHP as a medium for developing website. However, if you are not aware of any programming language, then WordPress is the choice for building your website.

SEO Friendly

SEO plays a major part in website recognition, and you can design your website SEO friendly with adding factors such as proper Meta tags, heading, Titles, and descriptions at the perfect place. If you consider SEO, then WordPress is the ideal choice.


If you did not follow the security features or precautions then both the website can be easily hacked. If you miss out on critical points on a website, then it is much easier to hack the PHP website. WordPress security is better as it offers more plugins to help you keep your site secure.


Plugins give additional features,  and if you select PHP, then you have to search for someone who can create plugins for your website. On the other hand, WordPress has more than 40,000 free plugins, and you can choose the best one based on your requirement. Plugins help you to create a website more comfortable and faster.

Customer Experience

Giving a more excellent user experience is the final motive of every website. WordPress deliver better customer experience compared to PHP, and also WordPress has themes that offer unique end-user experience. In PHP, you will get both flexibility and simplicity, but providing better user experience lies in the hand of a programmer.

Email List

Adding an email list is an essential part of the business, and depending upon the nature of the website you select, WordPress makes it simple to set up. To add an email list to your WordPress website, you need to attach a newsletter plugin to seize the emails. The same thing turns complex on the PHP website but expected that it could beat the success of future sites.

Which One Is Best?

By analyzing all the aspects of PHP and WordPress, selecting a particular platform depends on the nature of the project, type, skills of the developer, and more. In simple terms, PHP and WordPress contradict-each others, but they diversify individually.


If you are excellent in coding, then you should select PHP as it can change things as per your wish and requirement. If you have to deliver a great user experience, then you should choose WordPress. If you cannot select the one, then get help from Teachasoft. We are the best PHP Development Company, and we suggest the best website building platform as per your business nature and budget.

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