SEO Tips To Improve Education Website Ranking

SEO Tips To Improve Education Website Ranking

“Who was the first person to land the moon?”

That’s a simple question to answer if your knowledge is good. Now try to answer the below-mentioned question.

“Who was the second one to reach the moon?”

Can’t remember? Well, That’s the reality! No one likes to know who came second! To survive in the competitive environment, you need to follow proper SEO techniques.

Your website is the digital address of your institution in the digital landscape. Unlike traditional marketing methods- advertising in newspapers, radios, Tv, and a website to connect with audience form worldwide.

If you want to get higher rankings in the search engine listing, you need to follow proper SEO techniques. If your audience searches for a “Top-notch educational institution,” you got to be at the top of the search engine results to drive better rankings. SEO means search engine optimization which is the backbone of rankings and is a crucial part of digital marketing for schools. With perfectly framed SEO strategies, great results can be accomplished gradually over a period. We are the top SEO company in Bangalore, and we framed the below SEO tips to improve school website ranking in 2021. Make sure that you follow these tips.

SEO Tips To Improve School Website Ranking 

SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is the process of increasing website traffic and boosts the ranking of the website. SEO is important to the success of higher education programs and enrollments, but it is one of the most overlooked portions of an effective marketing ecosystem. Currently, students are searching for specific schools and digital programs, and you to ensure that you’re appearing on the SERPs result page. Follow the below-mentioned SEO tips to attain success.

Clean up your website

The main thing is performing an audit of your website. The main aim of a website is to find issues that inhibit users and search engines from crawling or indexing your site. We suggest you use tools like a Screaming frog, or other tools available on the internet.

In this crawl, you will find out:

  • Both on-site and off-site errors
  • Redirects
  • Robots.txt
  • Duplicate content
  • Html titles
  • Missing or incorrect headers
  • Meta descriptions
  • image alt text

Once you’ve identified your website problems, we suggest you to putting together a list of action items, with timelines, to solve these issues. 

Think mobile-first 

Site speed and page speed are two important ranking factors for both desktop and mobile sites. Lower page speed can impact customer satisfaction and research has shown that an improvement in site speed can boost conversion. Alon with that, slow loading speed means search engines cannot be able to crawl as many pages, and this could impact your search engine traffic and rankings. 

Update your content 

Let’s begin this section by asking a few questions: 

  • Do you know what your site is currently ranking for in the search engine?
  • Do you know which keywords are ranking best?
  • Do you know what type of information your audience is searching for?

If your reply to all of these questions is no, then it’s time to dig into analytics and find suitable answers. You can use tools like SEMRush, Google search console, and other tools to find answers to this question.

Link Your Content

School websites tend to be huge, and spread out, making it complex for students and search engines to find proper information.

Internal links function as a roadmap for search engines crawling the site, help users navigate, and find the hidden content.

Enhance your local visibility

Local SEO provides prospects with important details, like contact address, statistics, and phone number, whey they are searching for you, or a similar situation. It also helps your institution to stand out from the search results, drives better traffic to your site, and captures more leads.

Fix your google analytics set up

Doing all the mentioned above is best, but how are we going to measure the impact? Google analytics. You need to use your data obtained from google analytics wisely to make perfect decisions.


We hope these SEO tips are helpful. While these are just a few tips to get you started, there are a lot of advanced tactics we use here at Techasoft aimed at optimizing your SEO. We are the leading SEO company in Bangalore expert in providing SEO-related services at a decent cost.

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