Significance of real-time features in the success of your mobile app

Significance of real-time features in the success of your mobile app

In the era of the Technological advancement, there is only a single differentiator in terms of interaction between the target group and i.e. Real time features in the Mobile app. The real time features gives an extra dimension to the features of the mobile apps. Google Maps, live streaming videos, Uber, Ola live tracking features have a significant importance in mobile apps. Significance of real-time features is as follows -Β 

Real-time messaging – Smartphone users have now access to such features, whatsapp be the worldwide example.

Real-time messaging in healthcare – It is evident of the fact that poor communication often results in medical errors. Communication plays an important role in improving the healthcare services.

Real-time messaging in on-demand taxi apps – Ola, Uber both have real-time messages inbuilt in it. The pick-up & drop-off location communication becomes easy due to well laid communication between the Driver and the Passenger.

Real-time messages in on-demand delivery applications - Delivery apps whether food-delivery apps or eCommerce apps are readily integrated with the real-time messages in their applications. Real time tracking order and status made easy.

IoT Devices – Home automation, Sensors placed for safety, triggering of alarms in case of Breach and also allowing users to control the lightings & locking, unlocking of doors.

In Healthcare segment - IoT has established an enormous impact in terms of X-ray, MRI, EKGs, and CT scans, automated or semi-automated pharmacies.

Location Tracking – Whether its food, apparels, gizmos or you’re your near and dear ones, the real time feature has made it easy.

Push Notification – Ecommerce push notifications notify their customers about the BOGO offer, discounts and the sale. These notifications generates a sense of urgency among the customers. Provision of live notifications alerts the nearest driver for the ride request from passenger to which he/she can accept or decline the offer.

Whether its on-demand applications, social media, IoT app development, or marketplace applications, real-time features have transformed all of them.

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