Take Your Web Design To The Next Level With Animation

Take Your Web Design To The Next Level With Animation

The name Disney has always been associated with Animation. Walt Disney, the pioneer of American Animation Industry, has quoted – “Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.” Today, the world of web-designing and development uses animation with the same philosophy, to perform virtual story telling. That is what every Website Design Company is striving for.

A website design needs to hold the same purpose which is to provide information, details, data etc. all within webpages. The webpages are static, and animation is a great way to hype it a bit, to give the readers a great user experience which is more interactive. Animation is when still forms are brought to life. If you are wondering why should web Designs use animations, let us give you reasons enough.

Why The Need For Animation In Web Designing?

Animations are for story-telling. They are more compelling and engaging so that the readers are more invested in your web designs and for longer time too.

They serve an aesthetic purpose and there is a need to incorporate them without changing the aesthetics of the website. They can largely improve the experience of the user.

Animations helps you draw the attention of the visitors of your website and guide them along the steps they should take while on the journey of your website. They can be used to knowingly let your visitors follow their trajectory to take some action you expect of them

They need to be entertaining without being jarring and diverting the readers from the important text.

Website Animation Effects contains small pieces and bits of effects, such as some ornamentation, hover states, a pop here and there, etc. These animations are so small that sometimes they will not be even be thought of as animations. But they do guide the website viewers to take the required action without disrupting them. To understand them more, we’ll take you through various types of Animations which can be utilized for Web Designing

Types Of Animations Used For Website Animation Effects:

SVG Animation: it stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. SVGs as the name suggests, are vector elements which are dynamic, responsive, scalable, etc. These artwork-based graphics are rather small when compared to rasterized graphics or images. And they have a wide range they can scale and animate like a small vector icon which changes subtly when clicked to a dynamically loading advanced illustration. SVGs with Animation can be produced simply with CSS3 and there is no need of JavaScript.

Interactive Forms: As the name suggests, interactive forms are a type of animation used when you require the visitors to fill out some sort of forms. If a users is filling out, it means that the user is interested in furthering their engagement and relationship with your website as they are voluntarily giving you some information. Interactive forms need to be simple and subtle and compelling enough for the visitor to go for it. It is better if you are able to indicate how much of the way visitors are along so that the visitors don’t end up irritated with unending questions and information being asked, not knowing it’ll end. Also, let them know when the form is submitted, may be with a thank you message appearing.

Hover Effects And Tooltips: For any website for the interaction that the visitors have with it, it is necessary to provide a feedback. For example, there needs to be some subtle feedback for any of the user’s hover action such as button hovers or image. In this whenever the user hovers over that button or image, there is a subtle change in it indicating what the user needs to do next. Of course, hover effects are applicable to desktops and laptops, while they don’t exactly work on mobile devices. For them, there needs to be some other ways used.

Parallax Animation: Visual story-telling an engaging the users are what Parallax animations achieve. They are able to provide with a great interactive and dynamic web experience by adding layers to the design and creating a depth within the animation. Swipe screenshots, typography, backgrounds, etc. all can be utilized in Parallax animation.

Using the above mentioned animations, web designing can be made more engaging, more interactive, and more guiding to get your readers invested in your website/webpage and take the actions you want of it. However, Animators need to make sure that the animations are not too overwhelming that they distract the readers. Also, the animations should not deter from the overall purpose and theme and aesthetics of the website. A well established Website Design Company such as our Techasoft have animators and website designers who are well versed with the dynamic of Designing and make sure to make your website perfectly for you.

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