The 10 Best CRM Software Solutions For Businesses

The 10 Best CRM Software Solutions For Businesses

CRM means customer relationship management software that will help you to manage customer info, add notes, send an email, and can facilitate interactions with potential customers. The main goal of CRM software solutions is to improve the business relationship by interacting with others and this also improves the profitability of the business.CRM software solutions bring all other sectors like marketing, sales, business development customer support and process all together into a single platform. This helps the company to manage the data online without paperwork and you can store every information in the platform which is easier to access the data. In order to survive your company in a face-paced environment, it is mandatory to have CRM Software Solutions for your database management. Techasoft is the top CRM Software Development Company and it also provides a variety of services like app development, web development, UX and UI design, PHP development, and other digital solutions. Below is the list of top 10 CRM software solutions for business.

The 10 Best CRM Software Solutions for Businesses


Salesforce is the best CRM software that is used widely by most companies around the world and it stores information of customers such as names, addresses, contact numbers, and email addresses. To get the best feature in this application then you have to pay a little more and it has solutions for everything you need such as marketing, commerce, engagement, and team productivity.

Oracle on-demand CRM.

Oracle’s CRM demand is the best software for enterprise brands and it is the old age software but it still has its own value. It has its own reputation among the other brands available in the market and it is on the top tech firms for data security.

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a cloud-based software designed by the famous software company Zoho which helps you to run your business easier. In this software, you will get sales features with SaaS apps and online productivity tools and this will help you to market your brands, manage sales, and provide customer support. You can use Zoho to integrate with other marketing tools and you can capture leads through social media, segment visitors, and live chats.


HubSpot is the best cost-effective software which is suitable for small business and it offers a wide range of tools and features such as CRM, marketing, and sales. You can interact with all activities such as detailed reports, performance activity and it also has a mobile app that gives real-time notifications, email tracking, scheduling, phone calls, and much more.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is the best CRM software that offers a variety of business features like custom appointments, automation marketing, and much more. It also supports a large type of widgets, API powered integrations, and a large library of plugins. And also you can make interaction with contact management, marketing, sales, and customer service in a single platform. It gives features such as gamification for the sales team, voice mail automation,30-degree contact view, and calendar.

Active campaign

The active campaign provides an extremely user-friendly platform and it also provides all the features that will help the business to run successfully. It is the leader of automation marketing because it is the first platform to start its visual marketing automation builder which will trigger the marketing team to send emails, SMS automatically when the contact is uploaded in CRM.

Sugar CRM

SugarCRM Is the most suitable platform for small business and it is one of the first end-to-end customer relationship platforms on the market. It is used by popular brands to run their trade successfully and it is very easy to work on the software and provides you a seamless experience. This software helps you to automate the workflow and now this software redesigned their interface.


SAP CRM is one of the best CRM software for handling customers effectively and efficiently. In a competitive environment, it is mandatory to have a platform to take care of all the key activities. This software helps the organization to achieve its goals and targets. SAP CRM is part of the famous SAP ERP and it is designed to meet the demand of retailers in the e-commerce business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a product of Microsoft and it provides all in one platform for sales and marketing. This CRM software is more than the average CRM software and it suits both small and medium-sized enterprises. This has features such as field service, sales, customer service, and project service automation.

Streak CRM

If you are a user of Gmail or G Suite, then the best choice for CRM is streak CRM. This software helps you to track customer emails, manage contacts, import and export data, and easy integrations of hundreds of platforms.


There are a lot of CRM software solutions available in the market, you have to choose the best that is suitable for your organizations and the software should provide characteristics like the ease of use, cloud-based client management, specifications, and funnel management.

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