The Best 10 Open Source Software Examples Of 2022

The Best 10 Open Source Software Examples Of 2022

The open-source software is widely used across a variety of applications, for everyone from home to business. It is used in everything from networks to web servers, here we’ll see in detail about Open-source software list 2022.

What Is A Open Source Softwar

Open-source software is a computer program designed and deployed with its code made available on the internet. There are thousands of free software available online, In this blog, we have created a list of top open-source software examples that you definitely need to use to make your task easier.

How Open Source Software Exactly work

The software is licensed with a free license in which the copyright holder offers the authority to anonymously for any purpose. It is developed in a public and it is the perfect example of open-source development. You can go for open-source software for the following reasons including lower cost, security, transparency, and quality.

When You Require A Open-Source Software

You need open-source software when you need 

  • Personalized accounting software
  • Time tracking software for work
  • Data analyzer software

In other words, Open-source software is a program where the developer behind it finalizes to release the software for free. When the software is released for free, anyone can download the software for free, modify and distribute it for free. But keep in mind that open-source does not mean that it is completely free. For example, if one software company releases software for free, it does not mean that the whole software is free. They maintain copyright ownership of code, so others cannot change it.

The Top Open Source Software

Libre Office:

It is an open-source alternative to Microsoft office. It is compatible with macOS, Linux, and Windows. It has advanced features such as a full set of office apps, Templates, and also it supports Microsoft files. It was launched in 2010 and it comes under The document foundation. It comes with writing, calc, impress, math, and drawing. It is compatible with all types of file formats and also you can easily import and export them to your preferred format as well. In the latest version of LibreOffice, it has a qr code generator feature to create mobile-friendly links.

VLC Media Player:

It is a free media player and using this software you can play virtually anything. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. This media player is a lightweight application designed by the VideoLAN project. It is a popular video and media player because it opens audio and video files in just seconds without the need to hunt down extra codes. It also opens podcasts and online radio stations. The advanced feature of this app is playback control. You can alter anything starting from hardcore optimization to including captions. It is constantly upgraded with new features to stay with the upcoming trends.


It is a free photo and image editing tool. It is one of the real-source alternatives to Adobe’s Photoshop. It is mainly used for editing, free-form drawing, image retouching, converting to other image formats, and more. It is a cross-platform software and it is compatible with Linux, Windows 10, and macOS. It is the best alternative to Adobe Photoshop. This tool has built-in support for filters, layers, and automatic photo enhancement. With the help of this software, you can create new graphic design elements. Even a beginner with an interest in graphics can easily learn the software.


It is the open-source software used for video editing. It is compatible only with Windows. It has advanced effects, HDMI preview, and features. It is very difficult to learn because it has a lot of features. Shotcut works exactly similar to the premium editor like Adobe Premiere Pro. This tool also supports non-destructive audio and video editing, so that you can compile any effects without quality loss. You can use this tool to do color keying, clip splicing, trimming, and grading operations. It can easily go with any format of audio, video, and other media.


It is the most wanted platform. It is the user-friendly open-source software available on the market. It is more compatible with Android devices and desktops. It was first released in 1991. Earlier days, Linux was only run by some coders due to the complexity of installation. But, now it is more user-friendly and you can add lynx as an extra OS. Linux software uses entirely different base code from the more famous Os X system and windows, which makes it less spot for hackers. It is completely free and customizable. It is highly secure and provides excellent customer support.


It is one of the top open-source software examples of 2021. It is a 3D graphics and animation tool used for creating an animated film, visual effects, video editing, modeling, interactive 3D applications, and motion graphics. It also provides a set of modeling tools and features including multi-resolution, rigging, simulation, rendering, composting, and real-time viewpoint prereview. It is the best tool for photographers, professionals, hobbyists, students, scientists, game artists, and mooders. It is open-source software and you can download this software for free. It is compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Open Element:

It is the best open-source software for web design. In today’s digital world, it is very essential to own a website for your business. Your website should be loaded with advanced features to gain attention among the audiences. With the help of an open-element, you can design a great-looking website. This tool is an intuitive user interface and allows you to design as per your preference. It has element packs and a reusable style. It also supports HTML5 and CSS3. It is a cross-platform software that allows you to design responsive websites with full CSS customization.


It is the best audio editing software available free. It has many advanced features, plugins, and accessibility. This software can record live audio, record your computer’s playback, convert tapes into other formats. It can also edit AIFF, MP2, FLAC, WAV, and others. It is ideal for podcasts and music. It is a cross-platform software and works well on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Using third-party plugins, you can do everything starting from adding sound effects to auto-turning your tracks. It is widely used by musicians and podcast creators.

Test Disk:

It is the best open-source software source for data recovery. In case, if you delete an important file by mistake, you can back up your data using TestDisk. It is designed to recover lost files. You can also create non-booting disks bootable again. It is preferred by most techies to backup their lost data.


Time management is important for the successful execution of any task and computer-based activities are no exception. Time tracking software is used to record the total time taken by employees to complete a task. This open-source software is best for companies that need exact information on how much time employees are spending on projects, It lets you deliver multiple projects per customer. You can use this tool to configure days off, sick leave, and more.


These were some of the top open-source software. We hope you found at least one software useful for you from the open-source software list 2021. Try them out and find the best software for you.

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