The Remote Worker's Toolkit - The 15 Tools You Need To Work Remotely

The Remote Worker's Toolkit - The 15 Tools You Need To Work Remotely

Remote work is not an easy task, people have to face a unique set of challenges to complete the task. Working remotely software can make your work simpler. A coronavirus outbreak has made remote work possible. Most companies give remote work to their employees to protect them from the pandemic.

To make remote work interesting, a lot of Remote work tools have been launched. The remote worker’s tool kit is full of work from home apps, software, and other tools to make the work more simple. Managing a remote team is not a simple process. There is a lot of challenges such as miscommunication, inability to monitor progress, missing deadlines, and different time zones. To make the remote work easier, we have listed down 15 Tools for remote teams. This tool facilitates activities such as time management, project management, online communication, video conferencing, and security tools.  There are many types of working remotely software available on the internet, you can choose the best one based on your requirements.

Benefits Of Remote worker's Toolkit

Remote workers are more productive than normal workers. The remote worker’s tool kit can bring you many advantages. From the tools available in the tool kit, you can perform your work at a faster speed. Some of the examples of work from home apps are zoom, 1password, dashlane,, slack, whereby, Jell, and more.

Mobile Hotspots

Remote working demands a seamless internet connection. You need the fastest internet to easily flow your work from home. A mobile hotspot can act as a backup in case your internet goes out.  You can buy a separate hotspot or make your phone as a hotspot. You can find personal hotspot features on iOS and Mobile Hotspot on Android.

Remote Desktop Software

Remote desktop software lets you connect you to a computer at another location. It is the best option for remote workers to access computers that live at the office or another remote worker’s home. Some of the great remote desktop software is remote desktop client, Apple remote desktop, TeamViewer, and chrome remote desktop.

Team Chat Apps

You need to connect with your team to work without any difficulties. If you did not take the necessary steps to start a conversation with your team, you are going to necessarily spend time on a call whenever you have a question. Do proper research and set up the best team chat apps for group conversation.

Screen Sharing Software

With the help of screen sharing, you can show others your files and apps on your desktop so that your team members can virtually see what you are doing on your screen. For example, if you use slack software, your team member can even annotate your screen.

Screen Recording Tools

Screen recording is the best option to make your or other past work as a reference for completing your tasks. The best screenshot tool lets you make annotations right then and there, so you don’t need to confuse with your computer’s built-in tools.

Online Backup

Backup is the best option to save all your files and work from unexpected threats and accidents. There are several tools available online for free of cost to back up your folders. You can also even use Google drive or cloud to backup all your data to protect it from data threats.

Password Manager

Due to technological advancement, there is an increase in security breaches such as hacking passwords, credit card information, and other important data. Hackers are becoming too smart. So, we need to keep our password complex to save them from security threats. Using a password manager is the best option to save yourselves from the biggest security risk-using the same passwords on multiple sites.

Two­-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Password leaks are the most common issues faced by the people. You can prevent this by adding a layer of security by turning on two-factor authentication for all the services. With the help of two-factor authentication, even if someone has your password, if they try to enter into your account from an unknown device. Then the service will ask them to verify their identity with a unique generated code from an authentication device.


When you log in to an unsecured Wi-Fi network such as free public Wi-Fi at the railway station or an airport, use a VPN( Virtual Private Network). VPNs create encrypted tunnels for sending and receiving tonnes of private data. If you are not using a VPN to connect through Wi-Fi, you are going to lose your private data.

Automation Tools

With the help of automation tools, you can boost up productivity. Concentrate on smaller things rather than spending time on repetitive tasks. For instance, using test expansion tools to autocomplete phrases you type often you save your time.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a great option for saving your work and complicated information. You can access cloud storage apps from any device that is important for remote collaborations. You can save your file to the shared folder in the cloud app, and your team members will get notified about the latest changes.

To-do List Apps

Most people use spreadsheets to mark their to-do list. While other people use their inbox as their to-do list. We recommend you to use the best one from the widely available app store.

Note-taking Apps

Note-taking apps come with a web-clipping feature where you can save things you want to read. This will help you to stay organized. Some of the examples of note-taking apps are Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote.

Focus Apps

Focus apps help you to avoid distractions and stay focused. If you are wasting your time by constantly checking your email or visiting unwanted sites. Then go for Focus apps like iA Writer, Omm writer, and Byword.

Video Conferencing Apps

Video calls can give you the feel like you’re in the same room with your colleagues. For example, Zoom is the video-conferencing tool launched by Google. This tool offers services such as online meetings, video conferencing, and group messaging. It helps remote workers to connect with the team and attend meetings. With the help of this tool, you can share your screen with other members of your team.


Most of these above mentioned remote work tools are free or come with a free trial. These tools for the remote team can facilitate seamless workflow to your team. Work from home apps can help to manage work and stay connected.

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