Top 10 Android App Development Trends That Can Be Expected In 2022

Top 10 Android App Development Trends That Can Be Expected In 2022

We all know how tremendously smartphone technology has been raised. We need our smartphones every now and then. Life without technology seems unimaginable in this era. And one of the parts of technology that has progressed drastically, and we cannot ignore, is Android App Development Trends. This evolution is a result of the combination of need, access, and immense growth of technology. Both App developers and users are responsible for this growth. We have to agree that these Android App development trends have made our lives simple. Everything is possible in just a few touches.

Did we really think of something like ordering food from any of the restaurants in the city just by sitting at home? This all possible because of Android App Development trends every year. With the rise in manufacturing, supply, and sales of smartphones, Android App Development Trends will be at the next level! Increase if Smartphones, new entrepreneurs are getting opportunities or a platform to benefit users with their innovative ideas and startups.

With the new demands of users, it's necessary to bring needed changes in the trends. Applying the right app development strategy is not just enough. If you want to express your ideas or create an Android App with proper strategy and growth for your business, then its necessary to contract with a trustworthy Android App Development Company like Techasoft. There are many Android App Development companies, but Techasoft is one of the most trusted and highly professional. As we know, Android App development Trends will reach skies lets see in short, which are the most expected trends for the year 2020:

INTERNET OF THINGS: This was something very unpredictable before the last two decades, but now we know this will be the trend in 2020. You may have heard about loT items like August Doorbell cam, Philis lightning system, August Smart Lock, Amazon Dash Button, which is winning millions of hearts. For example, if you own a shop and you forgot to lock it, you don't need to go back. You can do it in a few finger touches with a loT app on your Android phone and a loT of power lock system and an internet connection. These trends are expected to see in health care, Self-driving automobiles, Smart cities.

5G WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY: The speed of the 5G network will be 100 times faster than that of 4g. Along with high speed, 5G will also serve with 3D gaming, Data Security, Augmented Reality.

INSTANT MOBILE APPS: In 2020, instant apps are predicted to be in markets in large numbers. Many are trying out cool features in 2019 itself. This App provides the glance of Apps complete version to decide whether to download the App or not

WEARABLE DEVICES: We already know wearable devices like trackers, smart watches and fitness bands or smart rings even. A wearable needs a platform to operate, and Android App development can benefit from this in 2020.

AUGMENTED REALITY AND VIRTUAL REALITY: We have already witnessed the App Store and Google Play Store, which is full VR and AR Apps. Pokemon Go can be the best example of AR apps. AR and VR is not just limited to gaming and the entertainment industry it has spread its wings to every other sector

MOBILE WALLETS: This decade, we have experienced outstanding growth in the industry of online banking and eCommerce with unique online payment options. Bigwigs like Samsung are working to improve pay and scan strategies to make money transactions and bill payments more safe, secure, and comfortable.

ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES (AMP): Google AMP is a collaboration with Twitter to increase the speed of mobile pages. It makes it easy for developers to develop websites with high performance, lower bounce rates, and quick loading speed.

IMPROVE SECURITY OF APPS: The progress of an App ultimately depends on Cyber security. The Bring Your Device trend has raised the risk of mobile apps being hacked. Developers should work on App security firmly. Money transaction apps demand unique Security strategies.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING: Many industries are combining the system with human intelligence. Machine learning and AI has been very helpful in activities like mobile App development as it learns the process of App building from the start, identifies errors, and solve them in real-time. Some future AI can be AI-enabled face unlock, more battery lifespan, High App reliability, Voice, and language translation.

BEACON TECHNOLOGY: Beacon utilizes BLE signals when your device enters a beacon zone; it sends the users notifications and instructions. Beacon Technology App shows where you can have preferred products, specifications, and costs. Beacon can be seen in physical games, the health care sector, travel and tourism in 2022.


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