Top 10 Best CRM Software Tools In 2022

Top 10 Best CRM Software Tools In 2022

Of all the companies that have integrated CRM platforms, 39% say that their data is a strategic asset giving them a competitive advantage.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and this term was coined in 1995 it includes any tools, strategies, software, etc. which work towards the best relationship with the customer. A CRM System connects the various departments – marketing, customer service, sales, etc., and then stores and organizes all their client data into a single system. It also identifies the various sales opportunities, records any service-related issues, and even manages marketing campaigns in a central location. Thus, it enables coordination between all the departments & teams and makes the real-time client data available to them, whenever they require it. The main purpose of CRM Software Tools is to help businesses build great customer relationships, by making the process of managing customer relationships easier and faster.

Now that you understand what is a CRM Software tool is, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of its use.

Benefits Of CRM Software Tools:

CRM Software Tools provides high accessibility to customer data and thus helps in building good relationships between clients and customers.

With automation, they reduce manual efforts as well as saves money.

They support cross-functionality and thus improves team collaborations and the satisfaction of the staff of clients.

They enable businesses to increase their efficiency in serving clients through proper customer data tracking, lead management, deal management, etc. finally boosting customer satisfaction.

With so many benefits of CRM Software Tools, there are several CRM Software Companies out there that have produced great CRM tools. However, if you are integrating them into your business, you need the best of the bests, which we are listing below.

Top 10 CRM Software Tools In 2021:


Salesforce CRM is a leading cloud-based sales, marketing, project management, analytics, as well as reporting CRM Tool. This CRM Software has features that contain automation features such as management of the Workflow, contracts, orders, quotes, tasks, customer data, etc. This CRM is highly scalable and customizable. Its custom dashboard is easy to use and allows for easy navigation. It supports mobile and email integration; and helps in forecasting, analytics, and real-time visualization. It provides automation to businesses and comes with social media capabilities. Its pricing starts from $25.


HubSpot is one of the high-rated CRM Software Tools. While it is both free and commercial too, it has free features to a large extent. Another of the best factors about HubbbSpot is that is is a rather simple platform with an easy to use interface. Its drag and drop interface helps the users to start using it quickly without too many changes. It also enables easy pipeline management. It comes with the phone, website, and mail integration; and thus also provides features such as Google Drive, Gmail, etc. and all does not disturb other tools as it works in the background. Also, it automatically logs all the activities i.e. with automation it reduces manual efforts. This CRM is great for smaller organizations with fewer employees. Its pricing starts from $40 and ranges up to $2400.

Freshworks CRM:

Freshworks is a complete Sales CRM. It is AI-based and has features such as visual sales pipelines, leads scoring, activity tracking, a visual sales report, etc. that enables the salespeople to get a complete 3600 view of their leads and sales pipeline. This helps them in finding opportunities; and understanding, prioritizing, and managing their leads. It has a customizable easy to use and intuitive UI with a Drag and Drop interface which saves a lot of time for the users, especially the sales representatives. It comes with a built-in phone and email tools so that you get email notifications for follow-ups. Its pricing starts from $12 per month.


As you may have guessed from the name, Pipedrive CRM is a CRM tool that enables great sales pipeline visualization and management. It is developed by salespeople and has a focus on keeping the salesforce unstoppable and thus boosting the revenue. It tracks all communications and deals, helps manage all the leads. And most of all, it can adapt to any sales process. Pipedrive is flexible and allows for maps and email integration, and also import and export of data. It is best used for start-ups and small and medium-sized businesses. This tool has a mobile app too which allows for easy use. Its pricing starts from $12.50 per month. 

Zoho CRM:

Zoho CRM has 15+ years of experience and is a CRM tool made for all sized businesses. This is an omnichannel platform that enables a business to connect with its customers across any channel. It has various sales automation as well as marketing attribution tools which enables management of leads and deals. It even gives you insights about distribution, budget, and return on investment of your marketing campaigns. For effective collaboration between the teams, it provides internal chats, forums, notes, groups, etc. It has a Mobile CRM app that enables it to record, access, and update the data to connect when offline. It also has a sales assistant Zia which is powered by AI. Its price starts from $12.

Oracle NetSuite:

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based CRM that gives businesses a 3600 real-time view of customers. It provides functionalities such as sales force automation, partner relationship management, order management, performance management, marketing automation, report & analytics, customization, customer support & service, etc. It ensures improved sales performance with the help of its commission management, forecasting, and upsell features.

Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Previously called Microsoft Dynamics CRM, provides a complete solution for Marketing, Sales, & Service. It enables seamless integration with Office 365, which boosts productivity. It also provides all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools. It gives you a complete view of your contacts, automates the sales process, helps resources, and even provides marketing tools to find new leads. Project management, lead management, contact management, forecasting, etc. are all its functionalities. This tool is well suited for large businesses; and its pricing starts from $20, increasing further.


Insightly is a CRM tool that is well suited for project management, reports, and analytics. It gives the different teams of the business easy and fast access to actionable insights. It helps in building user relationships, generating quotes, delivering projects, accelerating sales, automation of workflow, advanced reporting, lead management, project management, etc. It facilitates the integration of about 40+ apps such as Google Apps, Gmail, QuickBooksOnline, etc.


Freshsales CRM is AI-based CRM for marketing and customer service. It helps businesses get a clear picture of the customer data, deals and lead scoring which helps to understand contacts and leads, also it gives actionable tips so that they can easily convert leads into customers and manage interactions with customers. It supports integrations and provides intelligent workflows with automation. Its pricing starts from $12 to $79.


Nimble is a CRM developed especially for multi-environment businesses. It helps in better client and customer relationships by combining communication and customers into one platform for easy understanding. It has social listening and engagement, and social media contacts combining facilities too. It facilitates sales pipeline tracking and reporting so that tasks can be assigned to the salespeople. It offers email tracking and smart contacts app too. Its pricing plan is $25 monthly.

These are the Top 10 CRM Software which you can choose from. The list is prepared by Techasoft based on our experience and expertise in providing businesses with CRM Software integrations that enable smooth CRM experiences.

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