Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2022

Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2022

In a constantly evolving business environment, organizations develop the enterprise mobility system to remain active. Mobility, when properly implemented, significantly improves the efficiency of the business. It enables workers to streamline communication, reduce paperwork, improve data accuracy, and save cost. This blog post list the top ten enterprise mobility trends in 2022.

What Is Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is a term that refers to any mobility solution launched by organizations to increase profits and productivity.

Top Ten Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2022

  • IoT- The Internet Of Things

Internet of Things(IoT) is a system that connects all your devices that can transfer data or information with each other through human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. It drives many benefits to the business. Some of them are real-time tracking, seamless workflow, reduced cost, and more. Currently, 98 percent of the enterprises are using IoT to make their work easier. It is expected that the percentage will touch 100 in the upcoming years.

  • 5G

About 4.5 billion smartphone users across the globe are subscribed to 4G data plans, Ericsson predicts that the value will go up to 7.7 billion by 2021. After the launch of 5G, tell companies are now testing out fifth-generation mobile networks. The future of mobility will witness the wide adoption of 5G standards. 5G networks provide great network speed and more reliable connections.

  • Bring Your Device (BYOD)

Organizations have developed models for accommodating a mobility strategy. The most important model in the enterprise mobility trend is Bring Your Own Device. Here, organizations save spendings on money on acquisition costs by depending on employees to provide their smartphones. In BYOD models, the organization installs its app in employees’ devices. In this method, the user can control the company data and software.

  • AI-based Chatbots And Virtual Assistants

The main benefit of using mobile devices in the workplace result is increased productivity. Due to the delegation of tasks to Artificial Intelligence, most companies are now adopting Al-based chatbots.  Artificial algorithms are also called self-learning algorithms. It helps to reduce workloads and generate greater profit for the organization when used properly.

  • Increased Security

The most challenging issue with enterprise mobility is security. Implementing a mobility strategy demands more severe security measures. As the data are valuable, they may be vulnerable to data breaches or unauthorized access.

  • Cross-Platform Development

Another top trend in the enterprise mobility trend is cross-platform development. This trend will benefit both developers and mobile app development companies. The native app development is now losing its essence, but cross-platform app development is making its way by reducing the development cost and time. There is no need for developers to develop the code for different platforms, and thus even their time is saved income.

  • Microsoft Surface Sales Continue To Get Stronger

The Microsoft Surface now becomes a common sight in Enterprise deployments. From 2013, Microsoft has managed to create a portfolio of devices that users expect from a smartphone whilst addressing the main motive of an enterprise project.

  • Developing Apps Without Advanced Programming Skills

This concept that states that only skilled coders can develop a business app are now fading. A report states that the low-code development tools market will grow at a tremendous level will reach $15 billion in the upcoming future. As a result, more organizations are turning towards low-code or no-code development platforms. Low-code programming is the best choice for both small and mid-ranged enterprises. In this way, they can reduce their development cost.

  • Focus On Simplicity & Visibility

The future of enterprise mobility will guarantee a comprehensive innovation without affecting the progressive forms of the previous foundation. This confirms, there won’t be any parallel framework. Using enterprise mobility, you can do a variety of functions like institutionalizing security strategies, deal with numerous endpoints, break down gadget conditions, and more.

  • Blockchain

Many organizations are already shifting towards blockchain technology to add value to their business. If they adopt blockchain technology then they can easily generate more profits. Some of the advantages of blockchain technology are enhanced security models, improves data exchange rates, cost-effective solutions, and much more.


Enterprise mobility is a broad team that refers to any enterprise mobility trend introduced by organizations to increase profits, reduce cost, and save time. Enterprise mobility offers flexible working practices and remote working options. The above-mentioned trends for 2022 show that the industry is growing rapidly. These trends include Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), 5G cellular networks, Internet of Things, AI-based chatbots, cross-platform development, and increased security. Here at Techasoft, We are the experts in Cross Platform App Development in Bangalorewe would love to collaborate on bringing your strategy to life. Contact us for further details.

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