Top 10 Hashtags Tools That Your Business Needs

Top 10 Hashtags Tools That Your Business Needs

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest – What do these four words mean to you? For an individual, it is a place where they are able to connect with their friends, family, and the world in general. For a business, they are a platform where they can let themselves be found by their potential customers. There are various social media campaigns and strategies which can be carried out for this purpose. A well experienced Social Media Marketing Company with its well trained and experienced staff and its up-to-date technology, is well versed to carry them out. 

Of the various methods to carry out social media marketing, there is one which is #mosttrending. Did you guess it? Yes, I am talking about ‘Hashtags’.

What’s A hashtag?

A hashtag is designated with the symbol “#” which is followed by a word or words without any space between them. They are metadata tags or labels which are utilized on social media networks which helps in categorizing content for the users so that they can easily find messages, images, information, etc. which has a specific content of theme.

Need For Hashtags:

If you are able to use significant and relevant hashtags for your various marketing strategies and campaigns on social media; you can increase your visibility on these platforms, users can easily find you, and enable you to be a part of trending conversations, attracting more users.

Not only that, stats prove that whether it’s Instagram or Tweeter, the posts/tweets having minimum one hashtag has high engagement and is likely to be retweeted/forwarded as compared to having no hashtags. In short, hastags are #necessary #marketing.

Now that you are convenience that you need to involve hashtags within your social media marketing, you may wonder how to find which hashtag to use, how to keep a track of it, how to analyze it. The solution is – hashtag tools

Below Is My List Of #Top 10 Hashtags Tools Your Business Needs –

Hashtagify: This tool is for Instagram and Twitter and enables you to find the hashtags just by entering a particular keyword and finding the most relevant and trending hashtags to it. Not only that, its feature even provides you the top ten hashtags which are related to your brand or to an event for your brand which can be used on. You are also able to get more insights into the hashtags which you can utilize to analyze them to improve your engagement. The analysis of the hastags is in form of simplistic chart and graphs and reports which can even be downloaded. 

KeyHole: This is an automated tool which tracks hashtags on Instagram and Facebook Twitter along and also suggests relevant hashtags for you. Thus, you can keep track of what audience are posting under your hashtag, who is sharing it, etc. It has social listening features which enables you to keep on geting insigts about conversations and discussions around the hashtags you have choosen. Also, you can get demographics and location analytics, as well as information about the most influential users of hashtags.

RiteTag: This tool lets you on the most trending hashtags. Not only that, it enables you to monitor and manage the hashtags you are using on your social media. It gives you insights into hourly statistics as well as daily averages, which hashtags are becoming more popular and which are falling down in trend, etc  

Tagboard: Tagboard is a social listening tool which allows you to  research all the conversations and discussions that have been around a particular hashtags. You can use it to identify the mentions of any hashtag across Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. together as well as separately. 

Twitter Advanced Search: This is a free feature available on twitter platform. Instead of searching for other tools and options, this feature within Twitter enables you to search for hashtags which are within your field of interest under the advanced search option in twitter. You can filter your hashtags based upon the time frame you want and whether the responses are positive or negative; and finally determine the best hashtags for your Twitter marketing campaigns.

Tweetreach: This tool has a free as well as paid version. Once you chose your niche, it gives you visual analytics on which hastags were the most used in the niches. Also, it gives insights of the last 100 Tweets which used the hashtag you have chosen so that you know which contributors are at the top of each hashtag in visual form which can be downloaded. 

SocialMention: As the name suggests it is a complete search and analysis tool for all social media. Coming to its hashtag aspect, it can be usilized to search for top hashtags across all social media networks, get insights into the mentions of the hashtag, what are the main influencers for these hashtags, etc. The searches can even be filtered on the basis of the social media platform on which it is mentioned and the time period when it is mentioned.

Hashtags: This is a free as well as paid hashtag tool which gives insights into the most popular and trending hashtags. Also, you can get important tips and in detail useful analytics of these hash tags including more hashtags related to them, the popularity level of the hashtag, the recent tweets related to them, their trend, etc.

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a tool which enables you to manage your complete social media. Using it, you can run your social media campaigning using a hashtags to accompany them. It enables you to monitor how the hashtags are doing, no matter if they are being used on instagram, twitter, facebook, or any other platform.  You can see all the updates, and conversations happening around specific hashtags – be it yours or your competitor’s. This will keep you updated about the trending topics helping you to create more engagement.

BuzzSumo: This is a social media tool, which is best in giving you insights into what has set the social media on the ‘buzz’. Using it you can discover all the trending topics and hashtags within your niche. Also, you can track and monitor specific hashtags adn get insights on how they are performing on various social media platforms. You are also able to identify various posts which mention the specified hashtag.

The above mentioned 10 hashtags tools is merely an insight in to the various options available for your business to avail from to strategize a great marketing campaign. Hope it helps! 

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