Top 10 Mobile App Analytics Tools 2022(Updated)

Top 10 Mobile App Analytics Tools 2022(Updated)

With more than 4 million apps prevailing on the Android and iOS platforms, the competition between mobile apps is tough, to say the least.

Mobile apps that want to survive cut-throat competition, be more visible, increase downloads, carry out mobile app marketing, etc. analytics is the key. You need to follow Mobile app analytics best practices so that by gathering necessary insights, you can improve user acquisition and engagements and improve your app's performance.

Today, in the market there are several Top Mobile App Analytics Tools. These tools get you insights into the number of installs of your app, channels through which users have come, how many users open it daily / monthly / repeatedly, the time they are spending on the app, their monetary behavior, revenue generated through the app, who and when is making in-app purchases, the ranking of your app as compared to others, etc.

Not only that, you need insights into your app performance such as the number of crashes that are experienced, the bounce rate of the app, etc. Also, when you are doing promotions and advertising for your app and planning campaigns, Mobile app marketing analytics become necessary. It helps to keep out tabs on the campaign you run and its outcome and hence will help you in effective allocation of your resources and money. To keep it short, Analytics Tools are a must. So, what are the best 10 analytics tools you can rely on in 2021 to monitor your mobile app? Here’s our list.

Top Mobile App Analytics Tools:

Google Analytics: What better to get insights into your android mobile app than Google Analytics. Google’s mobile app analytics is a platform by Google and can be easily integrated with products such as AdSense and AdWords so that you can get relative insights. It can be operated from multiple devices and gives you real-time acquisition data. It also gives insights into business growth and provides all this through email notifications too. This app is mainly designed for marketers.

iOS App Analytics: While Google has provided Google Analytics, Apple has developed the iOS App Analytics tool for iOS mobile apps. This tool measures the web and app referrers, the app traffic sources, the app store impressions, the engagement of the users, etc. It also gives insights and analytics on the funnel, the engagement, the retention, and even the A/B Testing.

Adjust: This tool supports Windows, Android, iOS, etc. platforms and is compatible with devices such as Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, iMessage, Mac, etc. Adjust provides cost-effective customized business plans and it provides insights into the mobile app store downloads, its sources, the source of average salses, information of active devices, product page views, etc.

App Annie: App Annie is Top Mobile App Analytics Tools providing real-time insightful information, helps in visualizing and analyzing trends, stores historical data, and provides analytics. If you need a tool simply for the statistics, you can simply opt for the free version of App Annie. However, if you want more, it is better to opt for the premium versions. It provides you insightful information including the recent trends and is thus helpful in increasing your download rates.

Apsalar: Apsalar supports android as well as iOS platforms and provides real-time information, creates events and funnels, measures performance and users’ engagement, and analyzes insights too. This helps apps to work on increasing their return on investment. It thus provides distribution components data and also adds it to marketing attribution.

Appsflyer: Appsflyer is an analytic platform with a 30-day free trial after which you have to pay for its use. It supports Amazon, Android, iOS, Unity, Web, Windows, etc. platforms and enables customization for the end-user. Thus it helps in targeting a specific user base and target market by giving insights into marketing analytics and deep linking.

Countly: Countly is an open-source mobile analytics tool. If you are hosting it on your servers, it is free. Countly supports various platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone too. It provides you real-time information, letting you track the funnel and user segmentation. It comes with dashboards which are realy easy to use too. Considering its popularity, efforts are being made to develop a Cloud version of Countly.

Flurry Analytics: Flurry Analytics is a tool which is available on android & iOS platform, and also for the web. Flurry lets you easily manage the portfolio of your app in the dashboard while providing you with real-time metrics related to the active users. It helps in analyzing individual apps, comparing the android and iOS versions of the same app, and thus understanding the differences between them. Flurry analytics has various features that give you insight into the information of the length of every session, the funnels, the events, and even also filter the users for you.

Localytics: Similar to Countly, Localytics too supports a range of platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and web too. This Mobile app marketing analytics tool even enables marketing automation as well as smart targeting. It provides real-time data that tracks the sessions, the funnel, the events, the engagement, the retention, the attribution, etc.

MixPanel: Mixpanel is an analytics tool for Android and iOS stores. It is a free and paid freemium model and makes funnels for you which can get you all insightful information such as the frequency of users coming back to use the app and their engagement with it.

Using one or more of the above mentioned free as well as premium analytics tools will help you drastically improve the performance of your app. And while you are choosing from our list above, remember to apply Mobile app analytics best practices. And you will be all set.

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