Top 10 Programming Languages For Software Development

Top 10 Programming Languages For Software Development

In today's world, as the web and mobile solutions are becoming more of an indispensable part of every business, the programming world is as well growing at a faster rate than ever before. While on one hand, various new programming languages for software development are getting into the limelight for making different app development processes much more efficient, on the other hand, many already existing app development technologies are vanishing.

Taking the same thought and fact forward, here we have created a list of top programming languages for software development. In this particular list, every new system level programming language is included to keep you updated with the emerging trends in the year 2020 so have a look at it below.


1. Java

When talking about the top programming languages to prefer for software development, Java is undeniably on the first position in the list. The language was once the primary language for Android development process but with the advent of Kotlin, many apps have switched from Java to Kotlin for the services. However, this has not really made a major difference in its popularity in market.

Java language is still considered by the leading enterprise mobile application development companies and is introduced into the software development plan both as a frontend and backend programming language because of its impressive features, such as:

  • Ease of use of the language
  • Enhanced performance via Java
  • Higher productivity Theo the app
  • Enhanced polyglot programming

2. C

C, which is also called as the backbone of the software world, lands into the list of all the top programming languages to focus upon for software development process. The language also became the winner of ‘Programming Language Hall of Fame 2019’ for giving quite useful and deep insights into how software exactly functions on machines and hence, is used for building embedded systems and VR-based applications.

3. PHP

Despite the competition from different server-side environments such as Node.js and Python, PHP still remains the star of the sector and the credit of this popularity goes to the frameworks that makes it a perfect fit for scalable and robust app development. The fact that 83% of the websites on the Internet are based on this very backend programming language proves how preferable it is over other languages.

4. C#

C# is yet another multi-platform programming language which is enjoying a huge momentum in the current days. This language, being one of the technology stack of top and hit multi national brands like Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett Packard,  is often considered by both the app developers, software engineers, web developers, as well as automation test experts because of its wonderful features like:-

  • Strong and smooth typing
  • String interpolation
  • Auto-property initializers and
  • Exception filters.

5. JavaScript

JavaScript, which was holding the first position in the 10 most in-demand and popular programming languages list last year, has experienced a downward slope that is a decline in its ranking but, it is still considered as one of the best programming languages for both the frontend and backend services in the mobile industry.

6. Python

Python, which has received the recognition of ‘Programming Language Hall of Fame’ by TIOBE in the year 2018 is known to be one of the best languages to consider in the year 2020 and beyond.

Python language is used for creating various kinds of applications including scalable web solutions because of its amazing characteristics such as easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy, and last but not least, expeditiousness which made it the right tech stack for YouTube and Pinterest.

7. C++

C++ is precisely a general purpose, object-oriented and hybrid app development language and this language is often considered as a superset of C, which is stable and comes loaded with the ample ready-to-use libraries but what makes the language capable of enjoying and witnessing a wider community support and becoming a part of the technology stack of top notch brands is its extensive library support and speed.

8. Go

Also known as “Golang”, Go programming language is yet another language that made its entrance into the list of 2020’s top programming languages.  The language, with its concise as well as faster compilation characteristics, has not only become the favorite of Google and Netflix, and other such famous brands. But, it has also proven to be one of the best ever options to get higher salaries and hence, it has got many eyes all across the world.

9. SQL

Though various database technologies exist in the IT industry, SQL which is an acronym for Standard Query Language, is still one of the top programming languages in demand and it was founded by the IBM Research center in the year 1974. It is simple and reliable in nature and offers an exclusive database management service to the business developers.

10. Swift

Introduced back in the year 2014, Swift programming language is much more faster, easy to learn, secure, and it has various other features that make it a perfect language for developing apps for the iPhones, iPads, and macOS. Due to such unique features, it is considered as a highly efficient and flexible language for software development.


While these were the Top 10 Programming Languages for software development, there are various other languages that are gaining huge momentum in the mobile industry in today's time and are supposed to join the league. In case you're looking for top Software development company, you can contact us anytime as Techasoft is one of the most trusted software development company in Bangalore.

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