Top 10 Software Development Companies In Canada

Top 10 Software Development Companies In Canada

Are you in the search of best software development companies in Canada? Then this blog is for you and Canada has an own reputed name in the development of software solution due to the presence of several development companies across the region and below is the list of top companies which have proven past experience and have a set of skilled developers.


  • Rapidops, inc.

Rapidops is the leading software company founded in the year 2008 and it has headquarters in Charlotte, NC, and they have 50 plus branches all over the world. They have a team of professional experts and creators who are well skilled in providing services like big data consulting, system integration, business intelligence, app development, and much more. The former client list of this company includes API platform, HHearNav, 3DS, Yodish and salesmate.

Techasoft is one of the best Software Company in Canada and they have a skilled team of experts who delivers professional services Such as enterprise software solution, cloud solution, enterprise mobility services, testing, software development, web development, App development and much more. They have great experience in delivering holistic IT experience to several businesses across Globe.

  • Developex 

 Developex is a leading company in Canada and they offer services like UX UI design service, embedded development, application testing, software development, web development, and app development. The company was founded in the year 2001 and it is located in Vancouver. They are experienced in serving clients like Logitech, skull candy and corsair.

  • TTT studios 

TTT studios offer services related to software development, mobile app development, web development, API development etc. they are based in Vancouver, Canada with a group of 33 employees. They have experience in serving enterprise and mid market clients like Revols, Pixels, American Medical Association and the mortgage alliance of company Canada.

  • Spiria 

Spiria is a top software development company founded in 2003  headquartered in Montreal, Canada with a group of 50 - 249 Employees and has its branches in Gatineau, Québec; Oakville, Ontario; and Boston. They have experience in serving several top clients like Autodesk, Shutter stock, and Evenko from the sectors such as manufacturing, entertainment, and advertising services. They are specialized in providing services like mobile app development, software development, and web development.

  •  Macadamian 

Macadamian has the past 20 years of experience in serving big shots like Microsoft, Tim Hortons, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This company was established in 1997 and headquartered in Quebec, Canada. They provide services ranging from development to design and they are pioneers in providing services like UX design, UX research, software development, and web development for several types of industries including health care industries.

  • Freshworks Studio 

Freshworks Studio was founded in the year 2016, headquartered in Victoria and has other branches in Vancouver, Seattle. They have more than 60 employees and they are experienced in offering services such as App development, web development, UX UI design services, software development, and mobile app development.

  • Surge software 

Surge software is a software development agency with more than 160 plus employees and they provide services related to e-commerce web development, web development, software development, application development, and design-related services. It has its headquarters in Bellevue, WA and they have a former client list including Ralph Lauren, under armor, Verizon, Purdue University.

  • Ingeno 

Ingeno has its headquarters in Quebec, Canada and it was founded in the year 2008. Now the company has nearly 40 employees and they are specialized in providing services related to software development, application development, IoT development, enterprise app modernization, and more. They follow a client-oriented approach and they serve many clients such as oracle, exfo, live nation, C9, and JDA.

  • SaDa systems

Sada system was founded in the year 2000 and it is a software development company headquartered in Los Angeles and has a branch in tornado, Canada. They deliver services like cloud consulting, system integration, IT strategy consulting, and software development.

 This is the list of top 10 software development companies that provide extra-ordinary services to their clients.

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