Top 15 Alternatives To Google AdWords

Top 15 Alternatives To Google AdWords

Google Adword is the best choice when it comes to running a PPC campaign. It is one of the leading online advertising platforms, but it is a little bit expensive. Even with careful keyword selection and targeting, you need to pay more for AdWords ads than you make in revenue. Cost is the main reason to look for other alternatives to AdWords. You can find such alternatives and the best is that some of them could work better than AdWords in terms of return on investment. Here is the list of 15 Alternatives To Google AdWords that you need to consider.

Facebook Paid Ads

It is one of the best alternatives, especially if you are targeting a younger audience group. Facebook is a popular social network, moreover, about 90 percent of people in the world have an account with it.  This ad platform provides lots of targeting options- you can choose the gender, location, age, and hobbies of the audience to watch your ads.

Amazon Product Ads

It is the top online marketplace and this platform places your ads on the product page. This turns the positioning more targeted because if a user finds your product similar to his or her search, your ads are more likely to grab the attention.


Clicksor is one of the small alternatives that serve millions of impressions a month. It is the cheapest alternative because it charges 0.05 cents a click minimum but it’s a perfect choice because its conversions are best. If these clicks are too costly for you, check the other forms of ads offered by clicksor, such as popunders, and interstitials.


It is one of the cost-effective ad networks. It has a low per click minimum, higher conversion rate, and other benefits. It also has higher numbers of fraudulent clicks, based on some marketer’s complaints. Even though it has high numbers of fraudulent clicks, it is still the best alternative to Google AdWords.


It is one of the best Google Adword alternatives to help publishers to earn more from their unused ad space. You can use this platform to use native ads that perfectly blend with all other styles of the ads without any customer hazard. Infolinks work with top brands including eBay, Facebook, Hyundai, and Pizza Hut.


It is the best platform for web publishers with effective CPM. They let the users filter the right type of advertisement to run on your website. So it can get the best CPM  to drive better traffic on your website. This platform provides several forms of ad formats including direct links, banners, pop-ups, and web notifications.


They are the specialized providers of Pop Unders and offer reasonable rates. PopAds pay every day if you can earn 5 USD or above daily. They offer quality advertisements and concentrate mostly on pop-ups, tabs under, and tab ups.


It is the best alternative for you if your website crosses over 50,000 pageviews every month. The prioritizes your ads based on preferences and it allows you to decide the ad banner types and sizes before publishing your ad. It is one of the ad networks programs to offer an affiliate program through which you have more options to earn.


It provides several ad types to its publishers including sliders, buttons, interstitials, pop-unders, top & footer style banners, and sliders. If this platform does not find any content on any webpage it does not allow ads over there.


If you are searching for quality advertisements as well as quick approvals, then RevContent is the best choice for you. They are experts in providing effective native ads and it is the best AdSense alternative for both entertainment website owners and bloggers. It is one of the best alternatives among the publishers.


You can see Taboola ads on news sites, it helps you monetize your website with article suggestions that pop up after your content. It is difficult to get into Taboola because the minimum traffic your page should cross 5,00, 000 views per month. 


It is an advertising platform that is focused specifically on helping you monetize your visitors who make use of ad blockers. It monetizes by showing fast-loading ads that are compliant with ad blockers. To join in AdRecover, you need to cross 10,000 ad blocker pageviews per month. 


It is a famous pop under advertising network and these ads are very aggressive, and they may or may not  be the perfect choice for your website. If you are ok with the technique, PopCash is the best ad platform dedicated to this type of ad. This platform provides daily payments, fast approvals, and the least payment is just $10, which means you can be up and earn quickly. 


It is an ad marketplace  where you can buy ad space on sites of your choice. The price range may vary based on the traffic of the site. BuySellAds is more profitable than PPC ads. 


If you like to place ads on popular blogs rather than placing ads on a search engine, then BlogAds is the best choice for you. They specialize in ads on famous blogs, you need to check if the blogs you are searching for are listed there. Also, they do social media advertising to catch potential leads.


It is not easy to say which of the Google AdWords alternatives is best. In some cases one may get hits, in others, it might be a complete failure. You need to select the Google AdWords alternatives depending on the type of audience you receive to your website and the categories you work upon, you can choose the one which suits you best. All these above-mentioned online advertising digital platforms pay a decent sum of money one way or the other to you. You can share your work with a digital marketing company to enjoy the whole benefit of these brands.

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