Top 25 Cloud Computing Service Provider Companies (2023)

Top 25 Cloud Computing Service Provider Companies (2023)

Cloud computing refers to one place where users are served with services including database management, storage of data, networking, and moreover the internet. It is web-based computing that allows businesses and individuals to access computing services such as databases, services, processing, events, etc. it increases the flexibility of working under any circumstances. Some cloud computing companies provide users to buy needed space to manage their data rather than using any hard disk. Cloud computing has now become a hot trend. As such businesses are now increasingly shifting to different cloud services. In this blog, we will review some of the best Cloud Computing Service Provider Companies in detail.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS is the leading cloud service provider in the world and it was introduced in the year 2002. It provides flexible, fast, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. It has excellent features such as fast deployments, an easy sign-up process, centralized billing & management, access to effectively limitless capacity, and more. It is one of the familiar cloud companies that provide Hybrid Capabilities and per-hour billing.


Techasoft is one of the top Cloud Computing Service Provider Companies located in Bangalore. It is a fast-growing IT company that provides holistic IT solutions and services to businesses across the globe. In addition, they also offer services including server-side development, PHP development, UX & UI design, and digital marketing-related services. They have a team of experts who can deliver quality work at an estimated time.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud service provider and it was launched in 2010 after the release of AWS and Google cloud. It is one of the most profitable cloud services in the Globe. Users can run any service on the cloud with any existing applications and data center. It offers a wide range of solutions suitable for all types of sectors and it is also compatible with Linux. It provides a 12-month free trial which includes access to all top services, and over 25 always free services.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is a set of cloud computing services delivered by the tech giant IBM. It offers software as a service, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service. It offers services such as SaaS, IaaS, PaaS services via private, public, and hybrid cloud models. It also offers solutions including security, Database, Analytics, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Migration, Compute, Network, and storage. IBM hardware servers offer clients individual access to their entire server. This will decrease the noisy neighbor effect and improve performance.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud works similar to Azure and AWS, it also provides services such as identity, security, compute, storage, machine learning, DevOps, AL, virtualization, and more. They provide complete products and services to a variety of sectors including API management, data analytics, developer tools, Healthcare & Lifesciences, hybrid and multi-cloud, migration, networking, and management. It also offers other Google services such as Chrome enterprises, Android enterprises, Google hardware, Firebase, Apigee, Orbitera, and G Suite. Google cloud services are available in 200 plus countries in the world.

Oracle Cloud 

Oracle cloud platform is another cloud service from a computing behemoth. It provides IaaS services including storage, Networking, FastConnect, DNS monitoring, networking, Ravello, and load balancing. Oracle PaaS offering include.

Business analytics, security, integration, application development, data management, content, and enterprise. Oracle SaaS offering including data, blockchain applications, HCM, CX, SCM, EPM, IoT, and Analytics. It provides a free service trial that includes unlimited access to databases that come with Oracle SQL and Oracle Application Express(APEX).

SAP HANA Cloud Platform

It is one of the leading cloud computing service providers that help business authorities in decision-making to better their business and brands. It works well with every company ranging from startups to multinational companies. It helps clients in app development with 1300 plus applications in its app center. This solution is ready for any type of hybrid deployment in its cloud by its users. It also provides authorization for perfect data security and its security system offers a sign-in option. 


VMware is the top brand among cloud computing companies and designs a modern virtual platform for an organization to run, manage, store, and access its data and files on VMware’s cloud server. It offers multiple products as per the company’s needs if it needs a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud. It has a proper security system with standard infrastructure and a process for deploying files. This solution enables data transfer even when the user is offline that helps to get-over from unbearable waiting time.

Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce Cloud is the top cloud computing platform that is suitable for small businesses that don’t have proper recognition at all. It offers Saas and PaaS service that helps to grow a small-sized business in an organized way. It is an American cloud computing company with branches all over the world. It provides many clouds for brands including cloud for sales, marketing, and service for flexibility. It has a feature of managing the contact details of clients that reduce the workload of a user. 

Verizon Cloud

It is a reliable cloud computing company and it has a built-in security system that secures the data on multiple clouds. Users can easily access their data files at any time and anywhere. It is a business-friendly cloud service as it needs unique tools that a brand needs in the storage. It lets users customize infrastructures and the set-up process of Verizon cloud is much easier than most of the other cloud computing companies. 

HPE Cloud

HPE Cloud was launched by Hewlett-Packard that is a giant in the market of cloud computing. It has the feature of software as a service (SaaS). It has a hybrid cloud service along with private and public cloud services separately. Using this cloud service, you can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of usage. In deploying applications, HPE cloud deploys applications faster than most other cloud computing platforms. 


It was launched in 2003 and it is one of the leading open cloud providers with more than 800,000 customers in 196 countries. It offers a 60-day free trial and has dedicated memory instances on its own CPU cores. It provides GPUs for scientific computing, machine learning, and video processing. This cloud platform offers 24/7/365 human support. 

Alibaba Cloud

It was started in 2009 and it has its headquarters in Singapore. In the beginning, it was built specifically to serve Alibaba’s own e-commerce ecosystem and it is one open to the public. It is one of the top cloud providers in China. It provides various products and services in different categories including networking, database services, security, monitoring, domains, websites, elastic computing, storage CDN, analytics, data technology, media services, cloud communication, management, and IoT. 

Cisco Systems

It offers a network-centric approach to hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. It has a bevy of multi-cloud products and applications. Cisco is well known for DevOps, AppDynamics, and cloud management. It focuses on management, policy, and operations for applications deployed across multiple cloud environments. 

Scala Hosting

It provides an All-IN-ONE cloud management platform compatible with Cpanel enabling every website owner to have a fully managed cloud VPS. It provides quality security at an affordable price. It offers 24/7 technical support and it has many features including AL-powered cybersecurity, daily backups, storage servers, and free migration for all your websites. It offers performance with 100% SSD storage and premium networking. 


Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting to stores, SMBs, and agencies. The cloud platform has partnered with leading top cloud service providers including DigitalOcean, AWS, Linode, Vultr, and Google Cloud. Using this platform, you can easily build, deploy and manage top applications including Magento, Laravel, PHP, and WordPress. Users can work on business growth without thinking about the technical complexities of security, maintenance, and server management. It has excellent features including free SSL certificates, Automated Backups, staging environment, and PHP 7 ready servers. 


It is a cloud server tool launched by kamatera that is almost similar to a physical server. It is a highly flexible and cost-effective solution. It has 13 data centers across four continents for performance and availability customized and tailored made VPS hosting to fit your needs. It enables you to fastly add load balancers, Jenkins, CPanel, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Node.js, and more. It provides 24/7/365 tech human support and offers a 30-day free trial to test the services.


Sciencesoft is one of the leading providers of custom cloud application development services. They offer scalable, reliable, and secure cloud-only for serverless hosting and cloud-native apps to run on public, hybrid, and private clouds. It has the ability to empower apps with advanced capabilities including AI, VR, IoT, and data science.


DigitalOcean is a cloud service company situated in New York. This cloud solution provider strongly believes that users can create their own cloud by spending only 55 seconds. They offer services as an affordable one than other cloud computing companies. It also offers VPS(virtual private server) that works better with only private cloud servers. It enables direct deployment of codes for establishing an application without any issue of configuring and installing. It also has its own API that maintains and manages the resources needed to make an application and has some of the pre-built applications.


It is an ethernet service provider located in the USA. It began its journey as a cloud computing organization with a promise to provide fast, smooth, and flexible to the users. It is specifically designed with a structure to serve every kind of business from start-up to high-level MNC. They offer customization that easily attracts users to create as per their needs. It offers public and private cloud services in addition to hybrid cloud services to gain customers in a greater range.

Adobe Creative Cloud

It is particularly created for the users of Adobe Products and it is available for Both PC and mobile. Their products are mainly used to create & edit pictures, design creative, mix music, and web-based work. It is widely used by people and taught in schools and used in organizations for their marketing and other works. It provides free trials to the new-comers and costs depend on the user, enterprise, students, enterprise, etc.


It is a top cloud hosting provider that helps a company stay aware of certain days that are not going to be good enough. It has data centers in different countries for serving the customers much better, fast, and flexible than most other cloud computing companies. It enables the migration of applications from one environment to its cloud, turning this cloud more user-friendly and flexible.

Massive Grid

It is a private cloud computing company that changes businesses into a high possibility and it is well-known for its tools. This cloud solution partner with some top companies including Red Hat, Microsoft, cPanel, and more. It can perform better as PaaS than Saas. It provides clouds to the individuals to get smoother, safer, more flexible than shared clouds. It enables customization in its infrastructure, and users get their needed infrastructure as per their company needs.

Liquid Web

It is a cloud hosting company that generally works for organizations. The pricing of the liquid web is a little bit expensive compared to the other cloud computing companies. It also has a collaboration with WordPress that allows every feature for WordPress users. They also offer the service of a virtual private server with scalability and flexibility for a seamless experience.


Navisite is a top computing company and it offers services for small-scale businesses and mid-ranged businesses. It also offers all the tools a brand wants on a cloud. Now, it has announced unique features such as Airlock, Dynamic resource instrumentation, and RBAC to upgrade its security system so that it gets more response from the customers.


In this digital era, simplification is everywhere. To simplify life without any difficulty, there are many software tools that are available. Among those, cloud computing is the popular service used widely by many organizations. It is important to find the best cloud computing service provider companies to fulfill the business needs. The rise in the adoption of cloud solutions across geographies has led to a sudden increase in the number of Cloud Computing Companies. The above list will help you to choose the best one based on your business requirements.

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