Top 50 Website Design Companies In India

Top 50 Website Design Companies In India

Web development is not simply about creating websites but creating websites that sell. And website development is an important aspect of web development. Because, while a good website may not be easily noticed, but if it’s not good enough, it is noticeable by far and can cause serious losses to the business in aspects of customer satisfaction, user experience, and increasing bounce rate. Thus, if you are looking forward to getting your website developed, you need to first invest in a decent website design company that collaborates, & communicates with you to understand your needs for your website, and accordingly designs a website for you. They need to have well-trained and experienced designers in-house and timely deliver you a design that can then be further developed by the developers. Below is our list of the top website designing companies in India. Take a look and make your choice.

List of 50 Top website design companies in India:

1) Unified Infotech: Established in 2010, Unified Infotech is a New York head-quartered web design company. They are a team of 150+ employees that cater end-to-end solutions to start-ups and SMBs (Small & Medium-Sized Businesses)

2) KrishaWeb: Established in 2008, Krisha Web is a Montgomery-based full-service digital agency specializing in UX/UI design for s belonging to healthcare, education, and business service sectors. They have an office in Ahmedabad in India.

3) Cynexis Media: Established in 2009, Cynexis Media is a Columbus, Ohio-based web design firm. They have a team of 63 skilled employees that service mid-market-sized clients. Their former clients include Trinity Homes, McGraw Hill, etc.

4) Crantia Technologies: Established in 2014, Crantia Technologies is a Trivandrum, India-based company that specializes in web design. They include a team of about 15 highly skilled employees catering to SMBs.

5) Quora web solution: Established in 2020, Quora web solution is a Bangalore, India-based web designing and development agency. Their team of around 50 skillful employees provides high-end IT solutions to domestic as well as global clients. 

6) Suffescom Solutions: Suffescom Solution is a Mohali, India head-quartered IT firm that is skilled in web design. They have a team of 60+ employees that cater to SMBs (Small & Medium-Sized Businesses) within the real estate, marketing, advertising, and IT industries.

7) Techasoft: Established in , Techasoft is a Bangalore, India-based holistic IT solutions providing company. They have a total of 12 offices situated all over the world including Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Patna in India, Canada, etc. 

8) Virtual Employee: Established in 2007, Virtual Employee is a Rockland Maine based company with another office in Noida in India. They employ a team of about 700 employees and provide services including web design.

9) Uplers: Established in 2012, Uplers is a global company that is based in Sydney. With other offices in San Diego, and Ahmedabad, and a team of about 500 employees, they specialize in web design solutions. Their clients include Disney, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

10) Ray Creations: Established in 2006, Ray Creations is a Gaziabad, India-based web design company. They are a team of about 10 highly skilled employees and have served clients like Pietra Bianca, HDL Schule, Techni Waterjet, etc.

11) Sparx IT Solutions: Established in 2007, Sparx IT Solutions is a Noida, India-based technology solutions providing firm. With another office in New York and a team of 300+ employees, provide quality web design services to SMBs. 

12) IIH Global: Established in 2013, IIH Global is an Ahmedabad, India-based software agency. They have a team of around 50 specialists that provide for SMBs belonging to e-commerce, gambling, and IT industries.

13) Mandy Web Design: Established in 2014, Mandy Web Design is a Punjab, India-based web design agency. Their skilled team of <50 employees provides high-quality UX/UI design services.

14) Virtusa Polaris: Established in 1993, VirtusaPolaris is an international firm having offices in Chennai in India, Westborough, and New York. Their team of about 3,000 employees provides various IT services including web design.

15) Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2007, Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is a Hubli-based web design company. They have offices in Bangalore, Sandane, and Bridgewater that cater to small businesses.

16) AMR Softec: Established in 2016, AMR Softec is a Mohali, India head-quartered web design firm. Their team of around 5 skilled and qualified employees has served as clients including Social Cubicle, MNC Technology Inc., SEO Discovery, etc.

17) Controlf5: Established in 2013, Controlf5 is an Indore, India-based web design company. They have a team of highly qualified 40+ employees who have till date serviced clients such as Warriors of Success, Elicit Magazine, Wild4Roots.

18) Sadja WebSolutions: Established in 2014, Sadja WebSolutions is a Kampala, Uganda-based digital agency with other offices in China and India. Their team of about 50 employees focuses mainly on web design services along with digital strategy, and development.

19) Webomaze Technologies: Established in 2014, Webomaze Technologies is a Zirakpur, India-based development agency. With another office in Vienna and around 30 skilled employees on its team, they offer web design services with others.

20) Webdesign Discovery: Established in 2013, Web Design Discovery is a Chandigarh, India-based freelance company. Thus, this single employee company provides specialized web design and development, and also SEO services.

21) E2developers: Established in 2008, E2developers is a Ghaziabad, India-based web agency. Their team of <10 employees specializes in web & UX/UI design and serves small businesses belonging to education, business & financial services industries.

22) Software Developers Inc.: Established in 2007, Software Developers, Inc. or SDI is a Saratoga, California head-quartered software development firm. They have other offices in London, Melbourne, and Mumbai in India. They have a team of around 100 employees that specialize in UX/UI design and provide services to clients of all levels.

23) PageUp Media: Established in 2006, PageUp Media is a Ghaziabad, India-based IT services providing firm. They have a team of around 15 skilled employees and provide web design solutions accompanying other IT services.

24) Webandcrafts: Established in 2009, Webandcrafts is a Thrissur, India-based digital solutions providing firm. Their team of 50+ employees provides Web Design, and UX/UI design, etc. to their clients/partners.

25) SlashMonk: Established in 2016, SlashMonk is a Hyderabad, India-based web design firm. They are a team of 2, providing web design solution to clients.

26) Techuz: Established in 2014, Techuz is Ahmedabad, India-based software development firm. They have a team of 44 highly skilled employees and serve clients belonging to education, e-commerce, and business services industries.

27) Notamedia: Established in 2004, Notamedia is a Moscow, Russia-based digital Media company. With its other office in Pune in India and a team of 36 skillful employees, they specialize in providing UX/UI design services for Mid as well as large-sized clients.

28) Auxesis Infotech Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2014, Auxesis Infotech is a Delhi, India-based web firm. With another office in London and around 20 skillful employees working for them, they provide UX/UI design, web design, etc. services.

29) Epsilon: Epsilon is a San Francisco headquartered, global company that provides web design services and others. With 70 offices situated all around the globe, they have 8000+ employees serving the Financial, IT, and government services industries.

30) Aarav Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2010, Aarav Infotech is a Mumbai, India-based full-service digital agency. They have a team of around 17 employees that specializes in web design for clients in the manufacturing, consumer products, and business services industries.

31) Narola Infotech Solutions LLP: Established in 2005, Narola Infotech Solutions LLP is Surat, India-based IT outsourcing firm. They have a team of <500 employees who are skilled in providing web design services to SMBs (Small and Mid-sized Businesses).

32) Armia Systems: Established in 2001, Armia Systems is a Deerfield Headquartered software development agency. They have other offices in Kochi & Quilon in India and employ about 180+ skilled employees.

33) Liquid Designs: Established in 2004, Liquid Designs is a Gurugram India head-quartered web design agency. Their small team of <10 employees providess web design services to small businesses belonging to media, education, and financial services industries.

34) CueBlocks: Established in 2005, CueBlocks is a Chandigarh, India-based digital company. Their team of 45 employees provide UX/UI design, graphic design, ec. services to e-commerce clients.

35) Ultimez: Established in 2012, Ultimez is a Bangalore, India-based agency. With another office in Hubli in India and a team of 6 employees, this web design firm specializes in UX/UI design and web design and has clients of all market sizes.

36) IndiaNIC Infotech Limited: Established in 1998, India Nic is an Ahmedabad-based web development industry.  It has another office in Sunnyvale, CA, and a team of 400+ employees skilled in handling clients of all levels such as Pepsi, Yahoo, Adidas, McDonald's, etc.

37) SetuBridge Technolabs: Established in 2012, SetuBridge Technolabs is a Ahmedabad, India-based web marketing agency. Their team of 20+ employees provide web design, UX/UI design, etc services to clients.

38) Systango Technologies: Founded in 2007, Systango Technologies is a London head-quartered global digital company. They have various offices all over the world including Indore in India. Their team has 200+ employees and have served 5Tiles, Grindr, etc.

39) Simpalm: Simpalm is a leading website design company that is established in Washington D.C. and Chicago and Indore, India. They have a team of skilled 30+ designers that have designed 200+ apps till date for all size companies.

40) EZ Rankings: Established in 2010, EZ Rankings is a New Delhi, India-based digital marketing firm. With another office in West  Chester, and an employee count nearing 200, they serve a range of  businesses.

41) SEOFIED IT Services Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2009, SEOFIED IT Services is Bhubaneshwar & Jaipur, India-based full-service digital marketing firm. They have a team of around 60+ employees that specialize in providing UX/UI design, web design, etc services to small businesses.

42) Skynet Technologies: Established in 2002, Skynet Technologies is a Gujarat, India-based digital development company. They have a team of specialized 50+ employees providing web design, etc. other services.

43) VOCSO Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2009, VOCSO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is Faridabad, India-based website design agency. With another office in Orange in California and a team of around 30 skilled employees, they specialize in web design & development.

44) IndiWork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2002, IndiWork Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Elmhurst & Mohali in India-based digital service providing company. They have a team of around 40 skilled employees.

45) Krify Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd.: Established in 2005, Krify Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd., is a Chigwell, England head-quartered software firm. They have offices in Chodavaram, Rajahmundry, and Thimmapuram in India. Their team of 110+ employees offer web design services to all level businesses.

46) Web Express Computer Technologies: Established in 2011, Web Express Computer Technologies is a Brooklyn in NY and Nagina in India located web development agency. Their team of 4 employees province web design, U/UI design services to small businesses.

47) Pixlogix: Established in 2007, Pixlogix is a Ahmedabad, India-based web digital firm. They have a team of around 20 employees that specializes in web design and development.

48) Planeteria: Established in 1999, Planeteria is a Santa Rossa, California headquartered full-service web design & development company. Their team of 10+ employees provides web design, e-commerce design, etc. services.

49) Sweans Technologies: Sweans is a Wilmington head-quartered social media company with othe office in Calicut, India. Their team of 100+ employees have served for 2000+ clients over 65 different countries.

50) SEO Experts India: Established in 2009, SEO Experts India is a Punjab, India-based full-service marketing agency. They have a small team of 2 skilled employeDs that provide SEO and web design services to small-sized businesses.

So, this was our list of the 50 Top website design companies in India. Go through all of them, shortlist a few, visit their websites, take a look at the reviews and ratings that they have received, and finally come to a decision.

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