Top Tips To Increase Your Website’s Conversion And Revenue

Top Tips To Increase Your Website’s Conversion And Revenue

On an average, the conversion rate of websites is 2.35%. This means, for every 10,000 visitors to your website, only 235 will be completing the website’s desired action/goal. Many websites get conversion even below 0.5%, while some go beyond to achieve conversion rate above 5.0%. You need to understand that while you may have quite a large traffic driving in on to your website, if your conversion is not good; it’s not going to be profitable. This brings us to our topic today, which is how you can Increase your website conversion and there by the revenue too. Because, at the end of the day, profit is what you seek for as a business. Each and every step you take, be it long term or short term, your final destination remains the profit. Now the question remains, how to achieve it? Well, don’t you worry, we have got you covered. So find below our tips on how to Increase your website revenue.

Tips to increase your website conversion as well as to increase your website revenue:

First and foremost you need to have a goal for your website. Based upon your end goal only will you able to determine your conversion. Your goal could be anything ranging from getting downloads, or memberships, or sales, or subscriptions, or merely registrations, etc.

Keep your website’s loading speed optimized. Speaking in numbers, your Conversion Rate will decrease by 7% for every 1 second more taken for page load. That is a high conversions you miss. 

Remember to keep the language of your copy as simple as possible so that your audience can understand you. Try to avoid jargons as much as possible.

Tests are an important aspect for the continuous changing digital trends. If you are taking any measure to increase your website conversion, you need to test it out A/B test method is a good option as you create two web pages A and B and then calculate how much they convert. This way you’ll be able to know which measure is the right option.

Talking about options, keep in mind to give minimum options to your customers. It’s a reverse psychology. More options you give your customers, more are the chances of them choosing neither. Instead you can go putting a stop watch and adding incentives on taking action immediately.

Don’t directly go for sale, but instead design your sales funnel. Start with creating awareness about your website, products, services etc. Be sure to provide them value and information first, which will get you the interest of your customers, and then finally angle for sale. Tell customers what they will get from you. Remember that about 80% of your customers will buy after 7 and more than 7 interactions. So, have interactions and patience.

Give your website credibility. Let your page be designed to look professional. Make sure to provide support, evidences, etc such as links to source materials, various citations, also testimonies of satisfied customers, etc. If you have a proper brick and mortar office, provide your address and landline number. At the same time, make it easy for your website users to reach out to and contact you. 

Add chatbots to your website. Giving live chat so that your visitors can get their doubts immediately cleared so that they can take action at the earliest, thereby increasing your conversion and ultimately revenue.

Make sure that you provide all information about your employees, ask them to be on social media platforms (including linked in), and add on them to your sites social media, so that customers will know that your employees are skilled and capable people.

So that your customers do not have to leave your website to compare your products/services to that of your competitors, already provide the comparisons.

Having a call to action is an important part of your web page. It propels your visitors to take the next step which you want from them. However make sure that your calls to action are as short as possible, preferably not more than 10 words. It’s better to be straight forward rather than beating around the bush.

General search engine like Google is important, but also target vertical or speciality search engines which are dedicated to your particular niche, or subject, or area of focus. Users opt for such websites when they wish to search some specific subject/topic. Examples of vertical search engines include the SkyScanner for flights, Shopzilla for Shopping, BlogPluse for Blogs, SongBoxx for Music, FileDigg for all types of Files, PicSearch for Images, Iconfinder for Icons, NameNinja for Domain names, Pipl for People, Indeed for Employment, iMediSearch for Medical, etc. These search engines have focused crawlers which index web pages which are relevant to the pre-defined set of topic. Such search engines allow for targeted promotion as the users coming here already show their interest in your niche. So, you get traffic with higher intent and can be converted rather easily.

These were our tips by which you can Increase your website conversions. The traffic you get to your website will be filtered down to conversions, which will then be filtered down to sales and getting revenue. Your goal should be – firstly to get in traffic which has high buying intent, secondly to get the traffic visiting your website to convert, and thirdly to get the conversions to generate sales for your business. Then only you can Increase your website revenues. 

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