Types Of Creative Brochure Design And Format

Types Of Creative Brochure Design And Format

In today’s world, Digital Marketing is an incredible medium to promote products and services. However, there is a part of the traditional marketing still remains, which businesses can’t help but utilize. It’s a brochure. A Brochure is a printed document – a pamphlet, a leaflet, a template – which businesses or organizations use to promote their products and services. Brochure’s may not be digital marketing, but it is ‘visual marketing’. Over the past century, there has been major improvement within brochure printing, photography equipments, and layout software. Today the brochure designs are being created completely using computers. Visually, brochures have become more engaging, and more elaborative; and most importantly, they call for action 

Brochures come in handy to give information about your business, or introducing a new product(s), or selling your service(s), etc. They are the real physical and visual deal, they are in the marketing industry to stay. At present there are a number of Brochure Design Company in the market designing ready-to-go brochure design templates and creative brochure design samples from which you as a business/a client, can choose which suits your needs or purpose; or even get a brochure custom made for you.

A perfect brochure should be designed in such a way that it has a proper layout, easy to read fonts, engaging graphics, a perfect content structure, etc. Below we are mentioning various types of brochure designs which you can utilize for your brochure design templates and brochure design samples – 

Tri-Fold Or Letter Fold Brochure: As the name suggests, this type of brochure has three folds, wherein the entire sheet is folded into three equal panels on the front and back (actually the right panel is slightly small). In this basic fold, the right hand side panel is folded inwards, and then the left hand side panel is folded inwards. Thus, it has a total of 6 panels. This type of brochure is the most commonly used for product presentations etc.

Bi-Fold Or Half Fold Brochure: As the name suggests, in this type of brochure, the single sheet of the brochure is folded in two, which results in a total of 4 panels forming on the single sheet. Here it results in the formation of front panel, the back panel and two internal panels. They can be used, when the information to be given out is less compared to the letter fold Brochure. Also, it is used for more formal purposes as compared to tri-fold such as corporate meetings, catalogues tradeshows, institutional introductions, etc.

Booklets: Booklets are very similar to a bi-fold i.e. a sheet of paper is folded in half. However, here more than one sheet is used, which results in a set of multi-pages which are then bound together using either pamphlet binding (i.e. a single running stitch along the centre of all the pages, or saddle stitch (i.e. stapling), or spiral binding, or perfect binding (i.e. perfectly glued to the cover), or section strewn (i.e. pages are divided into sections and the different sections are sewn and then glued to the cover), etc.

Folders: Folders are type of brochures where in the brochures are also used as folders so that a rather reliable quality of paper is folded in two, so that it can be utilized to hold more papers inside. The sheets of paper of held inside the folder will have information printed on them and are referred to as inserts. The paper material used for the folder and inserts is much different. Folders on their front and back cover, can also contain information like a bi-fold brochure along with the information on inserts and are mostly used for presenting business material. They are reliable and professionals as well as promotional.

3 Pannel Zigzag Fold Or Z-Fold Brochure: This type of brochure, as the name suggests, is folded such that it forms the shape of the English alphabet ‘Z’. It is rather similar to the letter fold brochure, the only difference being that the right panel is folded outside and then the left panel is folded inside, resulting the three equal panels which are folded in opposite direction. Having 6 panels, the information held will be in same quantity as the tri-fold brochure, however the different folding enables much creative options, where, the shape of the panels, can be experimented with. It is comparatively less formal than tri-fold 

Open Gate Fold Or Window Fold Brochures: As the name suggests, this brochure is folded like a gate or a window. There is one larger panel which is then covered by two short panels, looking like a window opening. The two short panels are half the size of the larger panel and are folded inwards from right and left side. These type of brochures are mainly utilized with high end marketing. Even though there are only two folds in total, it is an 8 panelled structure, having much space, especially on the central two unfolded panels. These brochures are great for menus, product presentations, etc.

Flyers Or Leaflets: These are brochures having single pages, usually made of rather low quality papers (of course better quality papers too can be used as an exception). The purpose of Flyers or leaflets is simply to reach maximum number of audience/people with minimum cost; hence, the lower quality papers. They are mostly printed on a large scale for the same purpose. This is a type of brochure which is most common, and actually gives much creative freedom to make it unique, and eye-catching and engaging.

We at Techasoft are a Brochure Design Company designing brochures and provide brochure design templates and brochure design samples. While deciding upon the brochure you want to visually promote your business, we suggest you take various things into consideration such as – the content and design should be decided based upon the audience the brochure is supposed to target, the content and the font, both should be in simple and understandable, choose the page material and the print text and texture carefully, make sure to add your Call-to-action more than once within the brochure and design it so that it will grab the attention of reader.

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