What Is 5G? How 5G Plays An Important Role?

What Is 5G? How 5G Plays An Important Role?

It’s time for us to welcome 5G, the fastest network which will soon be releasing in India. The transformation from 2G to 5G took place at a breathtaking speed. Moreover in this world, the inventions and innovations come and go in a blink of eye. Every day a new phone with new technology appears in the market whereas the old one loses its image, and similarly, this happens with the networking speed too. Currently, the smartphone users are using the 4G network and very rarely due to network issues the speed changes to 3G and 2G is completely forgotten.

In this article, we will be discussing about the new network that is 5G, it uses applications and how it is important.


So as you know 5G is going to be the fastest network but it will not only connect people over the internet but will also be controlling machines, objects and devices. In addition to this, 5G will also be delivering some unseen and unexpected levels of Internet performance and capabilities which will surely empower the industries.

Some other uses of the 5G Network are:

  1. It will deliver multi-GBPS peak rates.
  2. It will be having ultra-low latency.
  3. 5G is going to have the maximum capacity along with the best and the most uniform user experience.

By this, you know what 5G is going to be. So now let us have a look at the uses of the 5G Network.

The Uses of 5G Network:

The uses of 5G are much more than what you imagine it to be. It is not merely the fast mobile network but much more than that and it is already made clear in the introduction part of this article.

1) Improved Mobile Broadband - 5G is not only going to improve the network speed and quality but at the same time it is also all set to bring a whole range of new and impressive services in the scenario like Visual Reality and Augmented Reality but with better user experience and also low data rates.

2) Maximization Of Internet Of Things - 5G Network services are going to serve as the best catalyst for the Internet Of Things services (IoT) for the next generation. The wireless access will increase with advanced modulation schemes. The capabilities of network slicing will increase than ever. Besides, all of these, there will be more support for cloud-optimized distributed network applications.

3) Ultra-Reliable And Low Latency Communications – It has stringent requirements for 5G capabilities for instance - throughout, latency and also the availability to support critical communications.

Example: Smart grids, Autonomous vehicles and many more.

4) Support Aid: 5G will also be supporting the services which are unknown today.


The importance of 5G so think is clear up till now, but to sum up I have made a list of all it’s importance.

  1.  5G along with mobile phones is going to connect the devices and even industries.
  2. It will introduce us to a new face of networking.
  3. It will empower us with impressive technology like VR and AR.
  4. There will be a paradigm shift in technology.
  5. It will enhance the user's life experiences and will also increase and create more business opportunities.
  6. It will provide disruptive capabilities which will act as an economy booster.
  7. It will foster new ways to organize the business sector and it will also help in fostering new business models.


Throughout this article, you have read about the 5G network services and all the necessary details but not leaving behind the drawbacks. Though 5G will be dense in the Urban areas it will be difficult to implement the 5G services in the rural areas where the demand is much lower as compared to Urban areas.

But before deciding to invest in 5G make sure that the decision is backed up by some sound business.

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