What is cloud computing, Why is cloud computing important for business

What is cloud computing, Why is cloud computing important for business

In simple terms – cloud computing is computing based on Internet. According to Wikipedia ' Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user. The term is generally used to describe data centers available to many users over the Internet.’

Now you have an idea that what cloud computing is. So let me proceed with computing and also explain you how it is important for business. Along with that it’s benefits. But before that let me give you some instances of cloud computing – when you upload a status on Facebook – you are cloud computing, checking your bank balance via your phone? And there you are cloud computing again. In addition to this knowingly or unknowing there are probability that when ever you try to solve a problem based on Internet you are relying on cloud.  

From this you have got an idea that how cloud computing has become an almost inseparable part of your life. Moreover it is also seen that cloud computing has adapted itself in the fastest way according to the mainstream technology when compared to other genre and this is because of the easy accessibility of the internet and also because of the increased use of smart phones.


Now, what does cloud computing actually do? Who can use it? So as I have already mentioned in this article earlier that even when you upload a Facebook status you are cloud computing. With this it is clear that any person can use it, so what about the big companies and organization’s? Is it of any use to them? Yes. It is of great use to the organizations and companies which I have mentioned separately.

Keeping individuals in mind – cloud computing allows one to run the software on his or her computer without even installing it.  Cloud computing allows you to store and also helps you to access the multimedia content on the internet.


If cloud computing has become important for individuals then it is obvious that the organization’s and business will use it to a great extent. Here I have mentioned some points that would completely make it clear that how is Cloud Computing important for business.

1) Automatic Software UpdatesCloud Computing helps the companies to update the software on its own even when the developers or owners or the team may be off – premise. This even saves time, that is the time that an individual would spend in updating the software can now be used in other works and also it allows one to focus better on other works.

2) FlexibilityCloud based services are great for businesses and organization’s with fluctuating demands. If your needs increase you can easily scale up your cloud computing services and similarly if your demands decrease you can cut down on your cloud services. This flexible mature of the cloud computing services may prove to be a real advantage for business and organization’s.

3) Free from Capital ExpenditureCloud Computing services are free from capital expenditure. The companies don’t have to pay the high prices of the hardware. You enjoy these services based on your subscription and these prices aren’t harsh on you. It also makes it easy to set up and manage your projects.

4) Work from Anywhere – With these cloud services you can work from any place you want to. You can be at work only if you have internet, and hence, you are not restricted to your workplace. This feature of cloud computing has greatly benefitted the employees. It has also increased the productivity and it is also seen that the employees have been able to save their pay when they couldn’t reach their work place.


There are many other benefits of cloud computing that can be used by the businesses and Organizations for their benefits and also cloud computing in future may become the new normal – as it has already adapted according to the technologies and has become such a relevant aspect of everything based on Internet. 

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