What Is Code Jam - Google's Coding Competitions

What Is Code Jam - Google's Coding Competitions

In today’s world, competitions are the way forward. And while it is good to compete with oneself rather than comparing to others, healthy competitions are welcome. They make one strive to develop themselves. Also, you can learn from your competitors, which is a plus. To top it off, employers today prefer hiring individuals who have some achievements in well-known competitions. Thus, those people looking for jobs, or a boost in their current jobs, should be on the lookout for some good competitions to prove their worth.

If you are a coder by profession, you should look into various Coding Competitions, especially those that have well-known tech giants as patrons. This way you can get into healthier competitions that are recognized and can give you more credit for your portfolio. Today we’ll be introducing to you Google’s Coding Competitions which are a great way to showcase your coding skills.

Google’s Coding Competitions:

There are a few Google’s Coding Competition that coders should look forward to preparing to participate in. We are listing and describing them below –

Hash Code: Hash Code is Google sponsored team Online Coding Competition. Professionals and even students worldwide can form a team and choose any programming language. For your team, after registration, you can connect with other coders, share your skills, and form your 2-4 members team to solve the Google engineering challenges. You begin with the Online Qualifications where you join a locally co-ordinated virtual Hub to virtually compete with other teams. Every team will get a total of 4 hours within which they have to find solutions to the posed problem – you can make use of the programming language and tool that you choose. Those teams who top the qualifications can then compete at the Virtual World Finals. And of course, winning the Finals is not only for fame but also for cash prizes.

Kick Start: Google allows coders to test their coding skills through Kick Start, previously known as APAC. Participating in this competition will help you to test and improve your coding to the level of coding skills required for a career at Google. In this global online coding competition, Google engineers various algorithmic challenges online, that are hosted in 3 hours rounds throughout a year. You can compete for one or more rounds of competitions, and check your global rankings after each participation. If you top this competition, there are chances of you being selected for interviewing in Google as a coder.

Code Jam: Code Jam is the longest-running competition from all other Google’s Coding Competitions. This global level coding competition, requires participants to solve algorithmic puzzles and challenges, against time. How exactly does this coding competition work? We are going to look a bit in detail regarding this competition. So, let’s get into the details.

What Is Code Jam?

Inaugurated back in 2003, Code Jam is a global coding competition, sponsored by Google. This whole competition is completed in a total of four rounds that are hosted online. Since this competition began, initially Google made use of Topcoder’s platform to deploy Code Jam Competition. Later on, Google developed its infrastructure for deployment and has been used since 2008.

In this Online Coding Competition, Contestants have to pass the qualifications and then advance through four rounds to finally reach the Annual Code Jam World Finals. The finals are held across various international Google office locations. The final winner can earn a cash prize of about $15,000. And of course, the runner-ups win smaller cash prizes. Besides the cast, this competition can earn you international recognition as a coder – coveted by the very best.

Initially, there is an Online qualification round that lasts for around 30 hours. Within these 30 hours, You need to compete to attain the mentioned minimum qualifying points. If you pass the qualifying round, you advance to Round 1. In this round, there are three sub-rounds, from which you can participate in one, two, or all three. What you need to achieve is to be in the 1500 contestants from the top. If you pass, you are qualified for Online Round 2. In round two, you need to compete and earn yourself a place in the top 1000. Post this, you reach the Online Round 3. Of the 1000 contestants competing at Round 3, only the top 25 qualify for the Code Jam Virtual World Finals. The final 25 contestants will be competing at the Finals for the coveted cash prize and fame.

Getting a rank within such coding competitions will help coders establish themselves as one of the best coders globally. So, if you are an aspiring coder, we suggest you keep a lookout for when the above-mentioned (and similar others) competitions are conducted. Try to participate in any or as many as possible competitions. They can be a great experience for any coder, also, they’ll help you to understand the level of competitors. These online coding platforms also allow for a worldwide interaction between coders. To better understand the type of programming challenges that these competitions present, google provides mock tests and challenges archived from its previous competitions. Thus, coders can initially try to solve these problems and practice and develop their coding skills to meet the level of challenge presented by these problems. This way, they will be ready to face the actual competition and increase the chances of winning it.

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