What Is Micro UX? All You Need To Know About Micro UX

What Is Micro UX? All You Need To Know About Micro UX

In Computer program designing, the UX stands for ‘User Experience’. It is indicative of the experience of users when they are using a website of web application. Simply put, it is the feeling the user gets while interacting with a website/application. A UX designer works with a single aim, to improve the user experience of the web application/site. Thus, various things are being taken into consideration while designing the UX such as the convenience of the user, the ease of navigation, the research and tests done on users, and the feedback obtained from them. While a UI design is able to attract the attention of the user, the UX design makes the users want to stay on your site/application, even making them wanting to come back for more. UX is about the feelings, sentiments, and attachments, of the users, and the designers strive to give utmost satisfaction to the users.

UX usually comprises of a whole process which is carried out by the designer which even includes collaboration with the User Interface designer. Here in, the designers initially carries out research to understand its users, they thus collect information which helps them decide how the design is going to be. Once the designing of the web application/site is done, they then go on to carryout tests on it and get the feedback about, and changes are made accordingly. This whole process of UX designing looks at the bigger picture of satisfaction and comfort and great experience for the user, and the entire journey of designing is mapped out based on it. Thus, the designers usually start with thinking the bigger fundamental concept and then moving towards the smaller designing aspect. However, recently there has been a new approach to UX – The MICRO UX. This approach first considers the smallest details of the design and then assembles those smaller details to form a bigger picture. Thus, here the designers let the smaller details decide the final product.

Vincent Van Gogh has said – “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. This is the basic understanding of MICRO UX, just like a montage. It is thus a small element of a design which focuses on a single task. Thus, it constitutes of simple singular interactions, congregating into a fuller unique user experience. If we were to explain it in more simpler terms, let’s consider you preparing a unique dish. Here instead of directly thinking how you want the one eating to feel when the final dish is served; instead you first start with selecting each and every food item required for preparing it and the importance that single item will have for the one tasting it.

Micro User Experience focuses on Micro-interactions between the user and the design, thus even a small improvement you make to the user’s experience is going to make a big difference. 

If we are to give an example, consider a web application or web site or even a game you have used. How do you feel when the loading time for a game just takes too much of a time? or how about when you click on a ‘button’ and you are unable to determine if it really was clicked or not? And you really just keep on clicking and clicking, and are finally driven nuts, but nothing helps? These small things may really frustrate a user. Thus, MICRO UX focuses on such little frustrating things, wanting to create a user experience which is absolutely friction free.

If we are to consider MICRO UX the best aspect of it is that with some small tests, you can immediately find out some micro user related points, on which you can then further work on. As these interactions are rather smaller, they can be easily worked upon, and thus giving you numerous small wins within lesser time.

Have you typed something in Google’s search bar? Immediately below appears an autofill list. That is an classic example of MICRO UX, which saves the user from having to type out everything, Also, If you are reading something on Google, if you select it, you get an option of searching for that word/phrase on Google immediately. If the reader doesn’t under any concepts, this comes in handy. The above two are just some of the examples of Micro interactions or MICRO UX. 

Because of these small interactions giving the users the ultimate experience, there is emerging focus on the MICRO UX, and undoubtedly, companies are in need to incorporate this rather tiny approach to be a step ahead of the competitors. We at Techasoft are a Web Design Company, all adept in using all the newer emerging trends such as MICRO UX to stay on the top and deliver to our clients beyond their expectations.

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