What Is School Management Software And How Is It Better Than Excel Spreadsheets

What Is School Management Software And How Is It Better Than Excel Spreadsheets

‘The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next’, Abraham Lincoln once quoted.

Undoubtedly, schools play a very important part in bringing up the younger generation of the world. The way they are shaped today will be the way the world will work in the future. When it comes to running of the school, there is a large number of data with which the school administration deals. It starts right from the attendance of students, to their exam schedule, results, etc. This requires a lot of time, manpower, and paperwork. Thankfully, this is all in the past. As a modern day alternative, today there are number of School Management Software developed by School Management Software Development Company which carries out all the School Administrative work.

What Is School Management Software?

A School Management Software is a set of instructions, designed specially so as to efficiently manage a school’s everyday administrative related work. Thus, it allows for digital monitoring of the various day-to-day activities of the school. Also, it enables to manage the school’s resources and information within a single platform.

The various aspects covered by the School Management Software are the Admission details, fees collection, scholarships and concessions granted, attendance of students as well as teacher, the payroll of the staff as well as their leaves, Finance and accounting management, maintaining the School Website, Library, and stores, Keeping records of Hostels, as well as School Bus management, maintaining information about examinations, designing report cards, sending SMS & Email to parents, etc.

A school is a place where, teachers, students, their parents, and the other staff of school, all are connected. Keeping everyone on the loop is a rather difficult task which is enabled by School Management Software.

Till recent all the school data used to be entered and retained within Excel Spreadsheets, however, it is proved to be time consuming. So, a School Management Software is great secured alternative. If you are still confused whether you need it, below is our list of reasons how School Management Software is better than Excel Spreadsheets, and why you need to say good-bye to your good old Excel sheets.

School Management Software Vs Excel Spreadsheets:

It Provides An Wide Array Of Features:

The School Management Software not only records all the data like the Excel Spreadsheets, but also hosts an array of features including providing e-learning for teachers, updating the parents about important events and their children’s progress through SMS and emails, it can even keep a look out on your school bus by keeping track of the GPS on it, etc. 

It’s Customized:

A School Management Software is tailor made especially for your institute, streamlined depending upon your needs. This means that it is customized for you. You decide which features you want for your software, by whom can it be accessed, etc. On the other hand, when it comes to Excel Spreadsheets, they are predefined computer programs, and can’t be altered according to your institution’s needs. 

It Is Easy To Operate:

To work on Excel Spreadsheets, you need skilled personnel. However Your School Management Software is rather easy to operate as anyone who can type can enter the data and thus will not require the extra skill set of knowing the Excel spreadsheet, all the analysis is done by the software itself. This is definitely going to save your hiring a large and higher skilled staff.

It Easily Integrates With Digital Devices:

School Management Software can easily integrate with other digital devices such as mobiles, laptops, your staff’s biometrics machine, etc. This means, authorized personnel can access the system software even from their mobiles and laptops, the staff’s attendance data from biometrics is directly input within the system; the stakeholders directly receive the data to their mobiles via emails, etc.

It Restricts Access To Unauthorized Personnel:

Anyone who can access your institute’s computer, can get access to your Excel Spreadsheet and all the data within, and this may be a cause of concern. This gives anyone using that computer the authority to knowingly or un-knowingly access and make changes to spread sheets. However, when it comes to School Management Software, the access is restricted. Thus, the teaching staff can access data regarding students’ attendance, marks, results; the administration staff can access the data regarding admissions, payroll, etc. 

It Is More Secured And With Backup: The School Management Software is web based and thus has walls of security built around it, thus thwarting any breach in Security. Also, the data other than being secured; has automatic back up. With Excel Spreadsheet, however, the excel sheets need to be saved in various locations for safety and back up purposes, taking unnecessary space.

It Is Eco-friendly: It’s true that Excel Spreadsheets generates too much paper work. All this paper work is digitalized due to the School Management Software, and is thus eco-friendly alternative.

If you are a school on a look out for the Best School Management Software, you are at the right place. We at Techasoft are a Software Development Company, and have on us a well adept and professional team of experts, developers, programmers, who will create for you your perfect School Management Software. After all, assisting the institution which creates future of our children comes first.

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