What Is The Aarogya Setu App And How To Use Aarogya Setu App?

What Is The Aarogya Setu App And How To Use Aarogya Setu App?

Coronavirus is the deadly virus, shortly it is called COVID-19 and this pandemic outbreak affected most of the countries in the world. This virus is originated from the Wuhan region in china, started to spread from animals to humans and this virus also started spreading in India from the month of March. In India, this virus is spreading at a rapid rate and infected to the people who lack in the immune system. More peoples are being affected by this fatal virus and it is the airborne disease that can easily transfer from person to person. In order to avoid transmission in India, our government followed certain rules such as self-quarantine, social distancing, protective mask, using hand sanitizers and the major step is lockdown until May 4 and it is said that the date can be extended depending upon the situation. To avoid spreading this kind virus follow social distancing, cleans your hands, and avoid touching of the face, hand, nose. In order to control this situation, our Indian government has closed schools, colleges, malls, industry, theaters, and parks.

What Is Aarogya Setu App

On air, our honorable prime minister announced the extension of lockdown till 3 May and also, he addresses the Aorogya setu application, and he asks every citizen to download India's COVID-19 Virus Tracking App to fight against the novel coronavirus. It is a coronavirus tracking app consists of the database that gives information about the nearest potential victims to your location and it can alert the person to prevent the spreading of the virus. This trending mobile app is available on both Google play store and Apple app store, it is compatible with any type of mobile device. This application uses location data to track the people who have come nearer to the corona positive patient, and it requires Bluetooth connection while operates, it works by the method of when two Bluetooth frequencies come into connection with each other then they can easily share the saved information. This is the best personal information tracking app and that will help you to get escape from the corona and in Lockdown, three corona suspects reported themselves to the government through A Coronavirus tracking app and their names had been now sending for corona testing. This application has the facility to contact the helpline of the health ministry, and this mobile app was developed by the ministry of electronics and IT. This application is the tool for self-testing and it will ask the users a number of questions to identify the corona symptoms.

How to use Aarogya Setu App?

The steps required to use the app are as follows:

Install and run the application - This is the first step, start to search Aarogya setu in the search bar of google play store or app store on your device. Then run the application on your device and allow it to access the location and Bluetooth connection which helps to track the location, and share the information from one person to person.

Choose the language - After the application installed, it will detect the other devices with the application installed that come in proximity of your phone, and the application supports 10 regional languages and English. Choose your desired language and follow the next step.

Register - Register your name, mobile number, and other necessary information, then you will receive OTP in your mobile number, enter it and go inside the application. Enter the required details. Then it will ask details like name, age, gender, information related to your international travel history in the last 30 days, profession and fill the details and wait for some time.

Check with ICMR database - The application will check your details with the government ICMR databases and check proximity, it tells whether you are safe or not.

In case, if you have positive symptoms or connection with the positive people, then it will inform your details to the health ministry and ask you to self-quarantine yourself.

Finally, the application will ask whether you or not ready to volunteer in terms of needs.

The calculation of this device is done with the combination of Bluetooth, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

After this process completed, the application will direct to their home page, and it will show the level of risk you have, and if it shows the green mark that it directly shows you are safe.

It show has the chat option to do the self-assessment test To open that chat window

● Tap the self-assessment option.

● Then the system will ask you a set of questionnaires to assess you.

● The question contains details such as name, age, gender, current health information, and based on the information it shows color code such as green means that the safe and yellow means you are at high risk.

So far, it has seen over 50 million downloads, and it has now become the number one free app in the application market, it has maximum positive reviews among the used apps. The data submitted in the application do not leak, and it has end to end encryptions.

Aarogya setu app is India's COVID-19 Virus Tracking App and has a lot of benefits more than you can imagine. It gained popularity within one month due to the features and specifications of this application and it also helps to create awareness among people about the coronavirus. Still, several developed countries like America, Germany, and much more are struggling to control this virus, if this virus is uncontrolled it may result in the death of the affected person. So, proper precautions and preventive measure should be taken to control the virus and some mobile app development company is doing research for developing an application to control this virus. Join your hand with health workers and doctors to fight against this outbreak.

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