What is Workflow Testing in Software Testing?

What is Workflow Testing in Software Testing?

With the ever increasing competition in today's world, it has become very vital for organizations to implement the necessary testing strategies as well as processes that can validate the quality and the functionality of the software product and also, help their business flourish like anything and reach new heights of prosperity and success.

To make sure  and to reap excessive benefits from the software products, organizations today are adapting new and abreast versions of the testing techniques, that enables them to test their software very accurately and to get the expected results.

Workflow testing is basically the latest trend in the field of software testing, which is being executed by the software testers to produce desired outcomes in the software or app. Hence, to elaborate the benefits and relevance of the workflow testing, keep reading this article as we have written cool piece of information on the same.


Workflow Testing is basically a type of software testing, which checks and does research that each and every software workflow accurately reflects the given business process. In simple words, a workflow is a series of tasks in order to produce a desired outcome, which usually involves various stages or steps. For any business process, testing of these sequential steps is termed as WorkFlow Testing.

Workflow Testing Practical Example

Let's consider an example, verify that the system can be installed on the user's platform, and it executes with no technical glitches.

Workflow Testing is done in various phases and this is how you will perform Workflow Testing:

1) Inception phase: This phase comprises of initial test planning and prototype testing only.

2) Elaboration phase: This second phase includes baseline of the test architecture.

3) Construction phase: Construction phase includes significant testing at each build.

4) Transition phase: The very last phase includes regression tests and re-test fixes.

Process of Workflow Testing

With the ever increasing complexity of the workflow, the chances of detecting the glitches, errors and defects is also increasing with each passing day. To tackle these particular issues, it is very important for software testers to implement workflow testing during the early stages of software testing, so that it can help them to avoid such scenarios as well as allow them to enhance the productivity of their client’s business. Therefore, to help the software testers following is the detailed process of workflow testing.

Analyzing Business Workflow: During the first stage of this very process, the team is appointed and it works together to analyze and comprehend the workflow of the business, based on which the workflow testing will be implemented and executed.

Verification: In this second stage of verification process stage, the team verifies the work flow with various types of users such as the testers or professionals that are acting as users, end users, customers, or lastly, clients.

Test Case Development: Once the business workflow is been understood by the team, they then develop the test cases with the assistance of various techniques, such as the use case, decision table, and much more.

Test Execution: in this particular step, positive and negative tests are been performed by providing valid and invalid data as an input.

Comparing: After the culmination of the testing, the actual and expected results are been compared and then any discrepancies or defects are been logged.

Resolve & Deploy: Finally in the last step, the team works together to resolve or fix all the issues and defects that are logged in the earlier stage and then it is prepared for the deployments or implementation.

Features of Workflow Testing

So now that you know what Workflow Testing is, below in the list we have mentioned some of the stunning features of Workflow Testing:

- It extensively tests the business process workflow as well as software application much before it is deployed to the production or the live environment.

- It helps in testing the software workflow that is a document in the Business Requirements Document section.

- It requires an in-depth knowledge of the business process as well as its workflow.

- Workflow testing helps in comprehending of the entire process flow and the goals of automation that are needed from the software testing person.

- This type of testing is also best for workflow based apps and software systems.

- Workflow testing involves the parts of system and integration testing.


We hope that you found the article interesting and understood what exactly Workflow Testing in Software Testing is and why it is so important. Also, know that Workflow Test Model includes testing of artifacts such as test cases, test procedures, test components, test sub-system and many more. We have almost covered everything in brief yet keeping it short but in case you have any queries or you are looking for best software testers, you can get in touch with our team. We would be more than happy to help and have a conversation with you. 

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