What is Cyber Security? Why It Is Important In 2022

What is Cyber Security? Why It Is Important In 2022


In this era of technology cybersecurity is the important thing to be considered. This cybersecurity plays a vital role in protecting our privacy, freedom, rights and human safety. This period is predominantly influenced by social media and other technologies. Even for carrying out our daily day to day activities we fully depend upon the tools of the technologies. The more we grow in our technology the more we are vulnerable to the cyber-attacks which is technically called digital attacks. Leaking data of personal information is becoming a trend that will create a negative impact on society. The leaking of information related to national security and data related to bank information creates a bigger issue. Hence the importance of cybersecurity is growing at a great level. In 2020 all the sectors like food industry, retail industry, banking, hospitals, and education bloom with digitalization so cybersecurity is an important feature to be considered in this growing field of digital platforms. It is the crucial period due to the continuous development of several internet things privacy is at risk. Anyone can hack information available on the internet and can leak it in all the social media. So we must take care security of the internet related things used in our day to day life.

What Is Cybersecurity?

It has multiple layers of protection spread across the computers, programs, data, and networks in order to maintain the surrounding environment to keep safe. It is the unified approach of people, process and technology. This system can perform detection, investigation, and remediation. This implies protection of networks and electronic devices, like computers and other electronic devices from malware, security breaches and other danger invasions of internet privacy.


  • Critical Infrastructure Security

It is the field of concern surrounding the networks, protection of systems and products which is necessary to maintain national security in order to take care of the public economy, health, and safety. It consists of the cyber-physical systems, for example, water purification, electricity grid, traffic lights, shopping centers, and hospitals. Having the facility of electricity grid on the internet makes it more favorable for cyber attacks.

  • Application Security 

 This is one of the mandatory security features adopted to protect your system from several other cyber attacks. This uses software and hardware methods to protect your systems to tackle external threats that can appear in the development stage of the application. For example, application security programs consist of, antivirus programs, firewalls, and encryption programs.

  • Network Security

 It guards against the illegal intrusion of your internal networks due to some malware networks. It protects the internal networks by maintaining its infrastructure and not allowing the other networks to interrupt. These are the policies and procedures implemented to protect the network to prevent unauthorized force. The implementation includes new passwords, application security, and extra logins.

  • Cloud Security

 It is one of the improved cybersecurity tools and it manages and products your resources in the cloud. This provider continuously creates and implements new security tools to help the user to secure their data. This way is more secure than the traditional approach of saving in hard drives and servers. If your folders or files are saved in cloud location it is a place of minimal cyber attacks.

  • Internet Of Things (IoT) Security

It refers to several types of critical and noncritical physical systems like televisions, wifi routers, printers, security cameras, and sensors. Its core consists of data centers, sensors, appliances, wifi routers, security cameras, and other consumer devices. Implement more security procedures to maintain data privacy.


Hackers keep on upgrading their skills hence security experts must focus on upgrading their cybersecurity functions. In this period every component ranging from kitchen to the key connected with the internet. So it is very important to keep information in a secure way. Nowadays every device is at risk. We must ensure and upgrade all the cybersecurity solutions. If they are not upgraded we are at the risk of cyberattacks. A  small level of cyber-attacks can identity theft, loss of important data like individual information. At higher levels, there may be a chance of losing information in critical infrastructures like hospitals, powerplant, education institution and multinational companies. In this 2020 several technological factors getting improved which paves the way for new kinds of cyber threats and other attack strategies. We should give awareness to everyone about cybersecurity to make the internet safer for everyone whoever operates it.

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