Why Hire Dedicated ASP.NET Developers From A Web Development Company?

Why Hire Dedicated ASP.NET Developers From A Web Development Company?

Nowadays, it's pretty challenging for most product owners and stakeholders to set up an in-house ASP.NET development team for developing their digital product. One of the key reasons that make this a mundane process for many business owners is the unavailability of resources who are highly skilled in this particular framework. In a time where hiring, an ASP.NET developer is becoming more time intensive and expensive than ever, hiring developers from an offshore software development company can be the best shot for you. You can bring down your development cost even further by choosing offshore locations such as India who shore highly talented and skilled ASP.NET developers with lower hourly rates. Finding skilled developers is highly critical for your business as it enables your company to compete with even bigger enterprises.

By partnering up with a dev shop, you can bring all the experience and skills their developers have acquired while working on software development projects for their clients across multiple domains. By hiring a dedicated ASP.NET developer from an offshore software development company in India, you can:

  • Significantly minimize your product development expense
  • Access to highly skilled and talented developers
  • Ship your product faster

To make your hiring process smooth, In this blog post we will dive into some of the benefits that you get by hiring developers from an development company in India and we will also outline some of the important things you as a business owner should consider while hiring dedicated developers for your ASP.NET development project.

Benefits of Recruiting Dedicated Developers

#1 Reduced costs

As we mentioned above, it is a highly cost efficient approach for you to hire software developers in India that have lower hourly rates and lower cost of living when compared to hiring developers in your region. This is one of the key reasons that motivate many companies to go with dedicated teams. Moreover, maintaining an in-house development team can significantly increase the expenses associated with recruitment, workstation setups, IT infrastructure, paid leaves, or sick days.

By hiring ASP.NET developers from an offshore software development company, you can scale up your development team and get 24×7 access to the best ASP.NET developers without having to worry about the expenses that are commonly associated with maintaining an internal team or hiring from a nearshore vendor.

#2 Time-Saving

If you are going with a fully in-house team for your software development project, it will take you months to find the right resources that match your specific project requirements. Hence, going with the traditional hiring process can be time intensive and oftentimes you will probably end up hiring the wrong resource who lacks specific skill sets that are needed for the successful completion of your project or you have to wait for a very long time before your team is built and ready to start working on your project. Whereas on the flip side building a dedicated development team can only take you a couple of days. Besides, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to equip the workplace and associated infrastructure for developers. By outsourcing the development process, you can easily set up a team of tech experts in a matter of weeks and this enables you to accelerate your products time-to-market.

#3 Flexibility

Assembling a dedicated development team gives you increased flexibility to quickly scale up or scale down your team size based on your specific business requirements. However, you cannot achieve this with an in-house team, and doing so will be a highly expensive process. Moreover, scaling down your in-house team can negatively affect your team morale and your reputation as an employer.

#4 Access to top talent

Hiring a dedicated developer from an offshore software development company helps you gain access to highly talented developers who have extensive experience with multiple projects. Moreover, having a distributed team helps you retain highly experienced talents from all over the world that have the domain knowledge and technical skills that are needed for your project. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot hire a skilled talent in your area, but it’s likely to cost more and take more time when compared to hiring a dedicated developer.

#5 Quality

Most of the software development companies deliver development teams that have built a variety of applications for a variety of clients. Hence, developing your software with a dedicated software development team will guarantee you a faster development process and top quality at every step of the project.

Things to Consider When Hiring Dedicated Developers

  • Evaluate their previous works

While choosing a vendor for your developer needs, you have to carefully evaluate the previous works that they've done for other clients which includes the end result of their project, customer testimonials, complexity, and the time needed for them to ship their product. You can easily do this by asking them for their portfolio. It’ll give you a clear idea about their expertise.

  • Interview developers thoroughly

It is a highly recommended approach to interview the developers you are planning to hire for your software development project. Always ask your vendor to arrange an interview with their developers you’ve shortlisted.

  • Ensure to establish a clear communication

Communication is a quintessential component of the software development life cycle and you often need to communicate with offshore developers regularly. Hence, it's highly important for you to hire developers who have excellent communication skills and have experience in communicating with international customers.

As we mentioned above, hiring dedicated ASP.NET developers can deliver you a variety of benefits. However, there are also some risks that you should be aware of, and choosing the right software development vendor is one among them. By choosing your vendor carefully, you can easily evade these risks and build a healthy relationship that will enable you to complete your ASP.NET development process faster.

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