Why Should You Secure Your Digital Files?

Why Should You Secure Your Digital Files?

Ever since the use of technology was incorporated in workplaces and schools, files no longer needed to be printed and physically mailed or sent to the places where they’re needed. With just the use of the internet, people can easily transfer files to one another anywhere in the world with just their device and the internet.

However, viruses and hackers are a threat to people’s files, especially important or confidential ones. So, passwords started being used to secure files as they are shared on the internet. Hence, we will be teaching you how you can unlock PDF files using online sources.

The Importance of Security Among Your Documents

Digital documents are convenient, reliable, and very portable. However, like all things valuable, digital information can certainly be hacked and misused. We sometimes hear major companies experiencing cyber attacks and hacking attempts, or bank account information being leaked and exploited. The importance of security in this ever-advancing time is absolute.

Securing files means that the risk of information theft is drastically lessened. Sensitive information will have protection from getting into the wrong hands, and secured personal information can prevent financial losses or identity theft. Security today is now essential in both major companies and for personal protection.

For the most widely used word document format, PDF, there are paid applications that you can avail of for this service. On the other hand, there are tools online that we can use to unlock PDF files. These services allow you to open locked files if you have access to the password free-of-charge.

And now that most of the file-sharing is done digitally because of the adaptation to technological advancements, it is time to secure our files and know more about how to access them at the needed time.

Take Advantage of Free Online Tools

Although there are numerous online resources accessible to users, we will be focusing on a specific site that will make unlocking your files as easy as A, B, and C. One such platform that allows you to easily unlock a pdf file without having to pay for the service or download an application is

This online tool allows you to easily unlock PDF files with a very simple drag-and-drop interface. It has a couple of features that we will discuss more to show you why you need not look for any other website or application to unlock your PDF.

PDFBear Features

Aside from the fact that the website is free, it is accessible to all operating software. Even if you are using Macintosh, Windows, or Linux, you will be able to avail yourself of the free services offered by the website. This makes it practicable for all users as they would not have a hard time looking for a tool that would cater to their computer’s OS.

Second, unlike the paid applications that you would have to install and avail of, you can easily unlock your PDFs with just four easy and simple steps that will not only save you money but also time. These are the following steps:

1) Choose your files or drag and drop them on the designated upload area on the site.

2) Enter the password of your encrypted file.

3) Click the “Unlock PDF” button.

4) Lastly, the site will decrypt the file and after, will be available for download.

Third, encryptions may differ through every file and sometimes, other files can be quite challenging to decrypt. One of the instances where the decryption process might not work is because only the owner of the file can unlock the file. However, with, the majority of the encrypted files can be unlocked.

Fourth, since it is a service that requires the use of the internet and is free and accessible to everyone else, one might be worried about the safety of their files from any viruses, malware or even, their file being copied on a public database. Despite this, PDFBear ensures that the decryption process is done in a “for your eyes only” area that no one else would be able to recover or access.


Knowing the importance and the methods of locking and unlocking PDFs is essential in the digital age. With most of our documents stored digitally, there is a new responsibility to respect the privacy and safety of our documents. Being able to work with secure files is an asset in work, business, and personal projects. With this newfound alternative to the paid applications, you can now confidently encrypt your important files without a worry about unlocking them later on.

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