Why Use Cloud Mobile Apps In 2022

Why Use Cloud Mobile Apps In 2022

Mobile cloud computing allows business and private users to access their files, images, documents, and other data over the digital medium remotely by using their smartphone. Several mobile app development companies and Global business organizations are now adopting this cloud mobile app because of the various advantages it provides and it becomes one of the basic business necessities.

Top Reasons To Use Cloud Mobile Apps

Below mentioned are some of the main reasons that can answer your query of why you should use cloud mobile apps for your organization or business in 2022.

  • Seamless Database Integration

Cloud mobile applications and solutions can provide seamless database integration and it is the primary feature that mainly all business needs to run their process smoothly. The database stored on a cloud can be synced with a mobile app and it is a time-consuming process, but necessary. Cloud mobile app developers need not have to write codes for integrating databases when creating a cloud-based application.

  • Time Efficient

Time plays an important role in the app development, in case of developing native apps, you need a lot of time and it is a tiresome process. However, cloud-based mobile applications and solution need only minimum development time compared to that of native apps: 

Cloud-based platforms have essential features such as security, backend support, and integrations and this allows developers to develop apps at a faster rate.

  • Cost-Effective

It is a cost-effective solution for the startups to run their business and by opting cloud-based, you can save a lot of money spent on native app development because cloud mobile apps development cost is much lesser. You can also integrate your cloud app into both Android & iOS platforms so that you can save a lot of money. Going for cloud computing applications ensures minimum upfront costs and the charges related to upgrades, and licensing are also eliminated.

  • Not Specific To One Platform

Cloud mobile computing provides users the freedom of adapting any platform so that developers can launch the app simultaneously on both Android and iOS. Cloud mobile app works great on both platforms and it reduces the workload. It is easier to access the software stored in the cloud irrespective of the platform and it also reduces the additional amount of work.

  • No Installation Required

One of the main benefits of mobile cloud apps is that there is no requirement of downloaded or installed from the app stores to the user’s device. With the help of mobile cloud solutions, users can see the interface and directly use it with a mobile browser. But you cannot do the same with native apps as they need to be installed on the user’s device. They are similar to the web-based application and it offers great user experience.

In native apps, your data will be stored on a local server, and in case if your server damaged then definitely you are going to face trouble. Data loss is the nightmare of every individual, in case if the server goes down then the whole data will be lost and some data cannot be restored due to malfunction in device If you use cloud-based solution then the cloud will do hosting of your app, which means that information is stored on multiple servers and that data is also backed up more effectively. Cloud hosting ensures that data loss due to disasters or accidents does not lead to destruction and data loss.

  • Secure Data Storage

You can keep your data protected in cloud-based solutions and mobile cloud apps. In native apps, you have to store your information on the device folder which can further lead to some security-related problems because the information stored in the device is not secure and there is a possibility that the data can be lost easily due to some random malfunctions in the system. If you store your data in the cloud-based application then your security risk is eliminated and also cloud-based applications have high protected features.

  • Lesser Cost Of Maintenance

You need to spend more amount of money on maintenance because cloud mobile apps are scalable, so it is not required to spend more amount of money on any maintenance but native apps demand constant updates and maintenance. You can update your app without involving any additional maintenance costs.

  • Scalability Factor

Scalability is the main ranking factor and it is the best reason why we use cloud mobile apps. Many developers think that their responsibility is completed once the app is live in the app store but the real thing is the developers need to upgrade their application. The developer has to make improvements as per the users' preferences and requirements from the app and in the case of cloud solutions, scalability is easy to achieve.


It has been proved that cloud mobile app has created a revolution in the modern mobile app development market and it is the best alternative for native Mobile App Development. It provides several features and benefits, especially the protected security factors and it can streamline the app development process. If you are looking for the best replacement for app development, you must opt for cloud solutions and cloud-based services.

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