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E-learning Software Development Company

E-learning, the modern world learning conducted via electronic media is gaining wide popularity in today’s time and is undoubtedly, an ideal way if your organization wants to target students for a distance learning course. Due to a busy lifestyle, a number of people prefer to take online classes for a particular subject of their expertise, from the comfort of their home rather than actually going to a physically to learn and teach about the subject.

We, at Techasoft, provide ease to the users in utilizing electronic media to gain knowledge about a particular subject outside a traditional classroom. We offer a wide range of innovative and modern E-learning services to the organizations throughout the country. Our well trained Tech professionals are quite efficient in delivering high end E-learning software services and I'm providing the perfect blend of software design and technology. We believe in delivering award winning E-learning products to our esteemed clients and so, our E-learning Software Development professionals are quite familiar with the SCORM, AICC and LTI standards. Techasoft, one of the top E-learning Software Development Companies, ensures that our E-learning software is quite effective and provides the best ROI.

The training framework has advanced over the years and with the assistance of the framework, the traditional technique for educating is being supplanted with intuitive worldwide e-learning frameworks. Techasoft Development company offers each sort of expected framework to the instructors as well as the students with a specific end goal to build up an effective E-school. Techasoft is an outsourcing E-learning App Development & LMS software development company that associates with its clients to develop a wide variety of services that includes the following:

  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Self Paced Learning Tutorials
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Web Based Training (WBT)
  • Online Courses
  • Product Tutorials
  • Online Product Demos



Techasoft offers E-learning software development services to its clients and has formed a well-distinguished client base over the years. Here are some of the key reasons to outsource E-learning software development services from Techasoft:

  • We are an expertise In E-learning development
  • We are habitual to on time project delivery
  • We provide immediate support and maintenance 24*7
  • We offer quality service with 100% client satisfaction
  • You will hire dedicated developers for your project

It's time to think beyond conventional learning systems and enter the modern era with our Education Software Development Services Tailored for Education and E-Learning providers. We deliver custom and platform-based LMS for end-to-end education process support and also  provide both the educators and learners with easy-to-use education mobile apps and multi-level analytics tools.



  • Virtual Classroom

We provide expertise in Virtual classroom which is one of the latest concepts in E-Learning industry to save resources in terms of time, investments and manpower. Our E-learning software system is focused to improve accountability, concentration and boost deliverables.

  • Distance Learning Programs

Modern technology solutions are sure to revolutionize the education sector and benefit people deprived of education and desiring to access best online education to learn remotely without being in face-to-face contact with a teacher in classroom settings due to some genuine reasons. Our E-learning software development company in Bangalore will help you to make this dream od students come true without any hassles.

  • Online Training

Our online training solutions can redefine the entire training process – the way educational organizations,  institutions and universities deliver learning solutions. Our E-learning solutions transfer to every industry; from retail to healthcare and training, especially with the application of the technology.

  • Education Games

At Techasoft, our education gaming app solutions aim to foster creative thinking, make learning easier and simpler, increase collaboration and inculcate innovative and new thinking ways of learning while playing. Right from the very beginning, developing a design approach to outlining all the aspects of the development, our team can build an education app to help learn with fun. Wouldn't that woo the parents of all those kids out there that hate studying through books and want some fun in studies?

Our E-learning Software Development Company in Bangalore provides diverse e-learning software solutions to revolutionize the shape of learning and knowledge sharing for all stakeholders like educational institutions, education content providers, corporate training centers and e-learning software vendors.

Our complete E-learning App Development team comprises of at least one project manager, a tech-lead, both back end and front end developers, a designer, and a QA expert. Techasoft possesses the best specialists whose work on your project will come to fruition and with the fastest ever time to benefits. Many of our software engineers have grown to well experienced professionals in eLearning development by a long experience of creating, designing and developing educational apps and platforms.

Techasoft, one of the leading E-learning Software Development Companies is helping to build e-learning solutions and transform the education industry. Our e-learning software developers offer solutions right from K12, graduation to full employment in the workforce. We drive change with technology and assist educational institutions gain competitive advantage through learning management solutions. With a complete focus on innovation and results, our services of E-learning App Development has been liked by a lot of clients and we are only striving hard to get better with each passing day. 

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