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As more and more number of people are working from home nowadays, we thought it might be helpful to talk about web meetings. Having a good, easy to use video conferencing software is an important need today. Surely, we cannot deny that face to face meeting is better and has its own benefits when compared to that of online meeting but sometimes, it simply cannot be practical. But with workers located at different nooks and corners, how can you make sure that everyone is communicating at a single time? Holding a web meeting solves that barrier. With online meeting software, you can schedule meetings for your team to get together at a time and share information and clear queries. With the right web conferencing software, you can even hold training sessions very effectively and conveniently.

Getting a video conferencing software can be a major decision for your business, but it's an imperative one since it can help your team stay connected. Also, one thing we all should remember is that excellent communication is the key to the long-time survival of all businesses. Online meeting software is a tool utilized for conducting meetings online on the internet. This software helps you save time, energy and cost. It is not mandatory that all the employees should gather in one place to attend the meeting. The Software simply helps in transfer of information quickly no matter how far away the recipient is. This virtual meeting software can be installed on your smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops. Hence, you can easily attend the meeting comfortably without any hassles and at your convenience.

When you're in the process of setting up a web conference, you surely want to trust that the Software you have chosen will help you conduct the whole meeting smoothly and create audible, reliable and high-definition meetings. That's where Techasoft Web Conferencing Software comes into picture. We develop software solutions for all the types of web conference ans virtual meetings that would help you focus your attention on what matters the most: effective communication in the meeting.


  • Traditional staff meetings
  • Client meetings
  • Webcasts
  • Web seminars
  • Collaborations
  • Staff or employee training

To conduct other types of meetings, we are here to customise the software according to your meeting requirements so that your life can be made easy.


  • Quick One-Click Meetings

Instantly join, host or manage an audio, video or web meeting from a conference room, your desk, home or a remote location via your internet connected device be it mobile phones and tablets or computers and laptops.

  • Private Chat

Private chat is an ability for several team members to communicate privately during the main meeting. This can be useful in many ways including that the meeting holder or speaker does not get interrupted for trivial doubts.

  • Slideshow

Slideshow can be a very interesting and engaging way to organize the information you present during your web meeting. You can also consider using a slideshow template for more professional presentations as we have made it much easy for you.

  • Webinars for Business

Transform your online meetings into engaging experiences so as to make the meeting more fruitful and interactive for your organization.

  • Create a meeting space in minutes

Through this feature, you can quickly turn conference rooms into collaboration centers with our  Business Video Conferencing Software which is an affordable out-of-the-box solution.

  • Security & Organization Policies

Roll out secure video conferencing with optional advanced security features such as SAML SSO login.

  • Diagnostic Reports

Get a sneak peek look into the quality-based performance metrics for every user connected to the software meetings.

  • Admin Center

Seamlessly manage users and their access to product features. Also, you can now easily run reports to track utilization and troubleshoot.


  • Voice Commands

Start or join your online meeting or audio conferencing session within a blink of an eye just by asking Siri or Google Assistant.

  • Commuter Mode

Host or attend meetings easily on the go with confidence and save all the data with a reliable, distraction-free experience.

  • Cloud Recording

No need to take notes on the paper or notepad while hosting or attending a meeting on the go, cloud recording is now available on our Company Video Conferencing Software.

There are many more basic and advanced features that our Software Development Company provides for the Video Conferencing Services in the software system.


  • Save time, energy and money
  • Reduce the travel and conveyance costs
  • Build better relationship with your clients through effective communication
  • Secure all the important data automatically and focus on the meeting
  • Record the whole meeting if needed
  • Real time screen sharing
  • Remote desktop or mobile control
  • All device support


With video conferencing and online meetings, you can enable collaboration and raise the team spirit. As a leading Online Meeting Software Development Company in Bangalore, it is our responsibility to spread the features of technology and make life more easy. At Techasoft, we have developed many online company video conferencing software with great features that has made our clients' life easy and we sincerely look forward to make your life easy too.


How many participants can join the meeting? Can every user share one’s screen to all participants?

According to your requirements and demands, we can develop the software for you considering the capacity factor as well. Also, all participants can share their screen, and the host can manage whether the participants should have permission to share or not.

Does your company provide a support contract?

Yes, we do provide it. You may ask for the extension of our software support after the project is completed. Nevertheless, the charges vary from solution to solution. You may ask this once the project size and scope are defined in our meeting.

What if I want to make changes in the software once it is delivered from your end?

If you want the changes to be made in the software, it will cost you. We recommend you having the project scope defined before the beginning the project to save time and money.

Around how much does a Online Meeting Software Development costs?

When you partner with Techasoft, you can be rest assured for each and every thing. Our software development solutions are highly cost-efficient and ensure integration of the latest technologies and features.

How much time will it take to deliver your solutions to my business?

At Techasoft, we have ready-made solutions and if you are not looking for any unique or customized features, then we can deliver the solution within 7-10 working days. However, if you want customized software with unique features in it, it would take anywhere around 4-7 weeks in total.

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