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Software Development Company in Jamshedpur

Techasoft is a leading and experienced software development company in Jamshedpur. We can share our resources with you smoothly and elegantly that you will love. We provide the best Software Development services that empower your business. Our team of software developers create software that transforms your business and simplifies the lives of users. With our proven development process and clean code approach, we deliver well-built products, with good scalability and reliability.

Be it Front end or back end, native app or cross-platform, Our Software development company in Jamshedpur will help you, we comprehend your requirements and code your ideas by transforming them into successful, market-ready treasures.

Our Software Development Services

Techasoft is a custom software development company in Jamshedpur, which helps companies of any size and shape, at any stage of the product software development cycle.

Web Development
With 3+ years in the industry, we have implemented more than 75+ projects and yet to achieve great milestones in web development. This experience provides us with a strong base for a keener understanding of methods and approaches at all project development stages, from cases and wireframes to comprehensive testing. Hence, we can launch complete and stable products of any complexity on the market regardless of their purpose

Front - end Development
Looking for a remarkable Single Page Application experience or a Progressive Web Application? We are right here to help you out. Our team of experienced and professional Angular and React front-end developers have spent thousands of hours crafting world-class web apps for big brands

Back- end Development
Techasoft back-end development services are not just limited to making a server, application, and database to communicate with each other. We build products that work flawlessly, match market needs and design a pleasant user experience that wins your client's loyalty. We have delivered robust back-end solutions to several startups and enterprise clients.

Mobile Development
In our partnership with several startups, we have designed various creative and functional user experiences for mobile applications. We are always enthusiastic to share Android & iOS project experience with our clients and partners and to build useful applications that strictly meet with App Store and Marketplace guidelines.

UI/UX Design
Our software development company in Jamshedpur follows a user-centered approach to design. This means we build the product by keeping the end-users understanding struggles and strive to deliver products that people truly enjoy using. Our web solution will be responsive to fit all screen sizes. And mobile app that we design will provide users with an experience native to their platform.

Enterprise Software Development
Our software development company at Jamshedpur creates any complex enterprise software, we ensure reliability, stability, and scalability of software integration is maintained and we modernize your legacy system.

Are you in need of a solid software foundation for your business? Experience the best software solutions, leverage our expertise in enterprise software development, along with API integration.

IT Consulting
Our top intelligence IT consulting team will eliminate workflow pain cases and implement new tech to overcome them. Use the expertise and in-depth tech knowledge of the best minds at Techasoft to create a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of your business organisation that goes in line with your business objectives. Our strategic software consulting will benefit you automate and digitalize operations with the latest technologies.

QA & Testing
As the leading Software Development Company in Jamshedpur, our goal is to render complete peace of mind to our client. Unlike other software companies in Jamshedpur, we at Techasoft, make sure that our software development outcome will deliver an excellent, flawless and great customer experience. It is not just about finding bugs and sending error reports. Be it manual or automated testing, our incisive QA specialists investigate beneath the surface, recognizing patterns and revealing trends to get at the source of the issues.

Our maintenance activities cover error correction, enrichment of capabilities and optimization. Our team supports and transforms applications to cope with changes in the software ecosystem, to meet new user demands, and to ensure greater reliability. This makes Techasoft one of the best software Companies in Jamshedpur.

What Our Software Development Team Delivers?

Our expert and experienced software developers in Jamshedpur hold an extensive range of software development skills while maintaining the same superior level of quality in all our Software development processes:

  • A tailor-made and flexible service for your business requirements. We work from existing technical documents or to help you build from the first instance.
  • Our transparent business process will allow you to remotely log in and view project tasks and their current status.
  • A dedicated team will be assigned to you, who will manage and handle all design deliverables, allowing remote storage and access.
  • Our software testers will do an extensive range of testing which includes functional testing, static analysis, unit testing, automated regression testing, code reviews, coverage analysis and more.
  • On-going maintenance and support for the delivered design, with the implementation of adaptations if required in the future.

About Techasoft
Our software development company in Jamshedpur employs a productive and creative team of software developers, web designers, digital marketers and e-commerce specialists who furnish top quality services for a wide spectrum of world-wide businesses around the world. We choose a team of specialists from our Software development company according to the demands of the client for their experience and skill-sets. The client may decide to manage the team from their side or to designate the service provider’s project manager to coordinate the communication process.

We can help you from simple logo creation to building software which is compatible with all the modern devices.

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