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UI UX Design Company in Sri Lanka

Functional And Appealing Designs For Your Digital Products

We concentrate on simplicity and functionality to design interfaces that people like.

We are the top UI UX design Company in Sri Lanka with expertise in designing for the web and mobile applications. Our unique method to research and empathize with the audience helps us design digital products that drive great traffic.

No matter how strong your idea is, without a solid user interface design, It won’t run properly. In this digital era, only a great user experience will define the future of the app. Techasoft is one of the leading UI UX design Companies in the Sri Lanka. We understand the power of user experience. Our team has expert UI UX designers in the Sri Lanka who can provide you specially-crafted UI UX design services that can help your app and idea stand unique.

UI UX Design Company In Sri Lanka

We do almost everything from design strategy, UI/UX research and wireframes to UI animations, prototypes, and developing systems.

Our processes, effective communication and collaboration is key to unique UI/UX designs. All creative minds including animators, visual artists, illustrators, and designers sit under one roof. That is why most companies love to work with us.

UI/UX Research

We do proper research and understand the requirements of your digital product, its industry, its competitors and its customers. So will result in delivering the best user experience and interface.


These drawings are easy to create and modify. They also help in understanding the behaviour of the product. This helps to understand better about the requirements, features, and flow of the application or website.

Visual Mockups

Our designers create layouts, colour theory, typography, and illustrations to create visual mockups of the website or app. This will show how the product will eventually feel, look, and behave.

Interactive Prototype

Digital Products without proper user feedback cannot drive better results. To assist with early user feedback, we create interactive prototypes using industry leading prototyping tools.


Illustrations worth a million words. Our designers create custom illustrations to match a feature explanation.

UI Animation

We are pro at creating custom motion graphics to enhance the user experience of the product.

Our Capabilities

Enterprise design solutions

In general, Enterprises generate a huge amount of data. Techasoft provides design solutions for an enterprise with functionality around this huge data. We concentrate on developing visualization around the trends obtained from this generated data.

  • Omnichannel experiences
  • Support Multi-user experience
  • Modern, minimalistic and clean
  • Interaction between cross-functional teams

End-user consumers design solutions

We follow user-centered approach for better understanding of the user and the business unlike other UI UX design company in the Sri Lanka. This lets us create designs that fit both the user’s needs and business goals. We have the top UI UX designers in the Sri Lanka who create intuitive design experiences to boost user engagement and retention with your brand. As a leading UI UX design agency, our solutions are based on research and created for the right user personas which convey all aspects of your brand in a short engagement time.

  • Better customer engagement
  • Brand centric
  • Customized designs
  • Clear flows

Our Strategy:


Design companies thrive on user feedback. User feedback based on research is the best block for a best product or service. Insights derived from research helps a user experience design company in selecting the perfect approach and techniques for designing. This helps in generating preferences, likes, dislikes, pain point identification, and more.

  • User interviews
  • Desktop research
  • Competitor analysis


The perfect strategy is based on the objective of the company. We offer UI UX strategy for your product or service. This involves determining business needs, setting measurable metrics, defining goals and risk analysis. A technique help define the user persona

  • Stakeholder
  • Collaboration

Interaction Design:

Interaction Design involves designing the exact point and act of interaction. For  a UIUX  design company, interaction includes five dimensions; text, visual representation, physical space, time & behavior.

We Are Specialised In:
  • Information Architecture
  • User flows
  • Task flow analysis

Visual Design

The first thing a user notices in your product is visual design. An interesting and unique design will engage a user more with your product. Our visual design services include

  • UI design
  • Branding
  • Design systems

User Testing

Using usability testing, we find real-life usability problems with the product or service. This helps to understand the scenarios and flows of how the users interact with your product. The feedback is used to modify changes for better engagement with your brand.

About Us:

We understand the effort you put into your business. As one of the premier UI UX design companies in the Sri Lanka, we use proven design methodologies to develop innovative solutions for your business problems. Our solutions offer measurable outcomes and improve user engagement making us a best user experience company.

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