Optisych Care Inc.

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About Optisych Care Inc.

Optisych is a Wellness Therapy services platform to find best matched therapist online for Enterprises (video/voice/chat/extended reality). They are going to provide benefits to the employees of organizations seeking wellness programs through various therapy services from a wide range of therapists.

What The Project Means For us

The mission is to democratize the use of AI/ML in providing an intelligent, accessible, and on-the-go Professional therapy service across the globe by making it affordable and easy to use for both Therapists and users.Optisych Care Inc. aims to be a synonym with mental health wellness at Enterprises, mark its presence across the country and more importantly make therapy accessible to all.The company is built on pillars of inclusion, integrity, and innovation. Optisych Care Inc. wants to help employees be able to improve their state of mind and are able to combat any sort of mental fatigue that they might be going through which disrupts both their personal and professional life.

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