14 Best WordPress SEO Plugins And Tools That You Should Use

14 Best WordPress SEO Plugins And Tools That You Should Use

Finding the best host for your WordPress site is sure to increase its speed and increase your SEO rankings in the search engine listings. However, there’s more that goes into it, including the type of keyword you choose for blogs and product pages, how big your image files are, and whether your content is readable or not. That’s why you need the best WordPress plugin for Wordpress. SEO is a confusing and complicated task even for skilled website owners. Finding pages with high traffic driving potential, fixing broken links, performing a complete SEO audit is not simple for most business entrepreneurs who own a website. But when you use the right tool, you will be soon skilled in implementing SEO techniques. Several types of WordPress SEO plugins exist, and many of them are free, and if you want to experience some advanced features, you need to spend some costs. In this blog, we will share the best WordPress SEO tool that you should use for your SEO success. 

14 Best WordPress SEO Plugin And Tools That You Should Use

All In One SEO For WordPress: It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins available on the market and it is used by more than 2+ million users. It has the easiest setup wizard that automatically helps you select the best SEO setting for your business. AISEO has features such as rich snippet schema markup, SEO health check, smart XML sitemaps, and others to grow your search engine visibility. It also has built-in WooCommerce SEO tools for eCommerce sites. This includes features product image SEO, dynamic optimizations, individual product page optimizations, and other features to drive more organic traffic to your online store. 

SEMRush: It is one of the top SEO tools and it is widely used by digital marketers, SEO experts, bloggers, and businesses of all sizes, it offers a comprehensive set of tools to get quality traffic. You can use this tool to find organic keywords and search terms that you can easily rank better. It integrates with WordPress, and this will help you to generate SEO-friendly content. Digital marketers use this tool due to their competitive intelligence and SEO rank tracker features. 

Google Search Console: It is a free tool launched by Google to help digital marketers and website owners monitor and maintain their site visibility in the Google search engine listings. This tool alerts you when Google faces difficulty in crawling and indexing pages on your website. Also, it also shows which kind of keywords your website is ranking for, anchor texts, impressions, and more. You can use this information to find related keywords where you can use it to rank highly by optimizing the content. You can also use this data to generate new blog post ideas. 

Yoast SEO: It is a leading WordPress SEO plugin that lets you optimize your WordPress website for search engines. It allows you to add SEO titles and descriptions to all posts and pages on your website. You can also use it to include open graph metadata and social media images in your articles. It also automatically generates an XML site map for your website content which facilitates easy crawling of search engines.

Google Keyword Planner: It is a tool used to generate your keyword ideas from Google and it is a free tool, anyone can use it. The main objective of this tool is to show advertisers the keywords they can bid on for their advertising campaigns. It also assists marketers in choosing the right keywords by showing them an estimate of the number of results, complexity level, and search volume. You can use this data to find perfect keywords with higher ranking, higher advertiser interest, and more. 

Ahrefs: It is one of the top SEO tools widely used by marketers, bloggers, and most businesses. It is the best alternative to SEMrush and has a lot of similar features and tools. Using this tool, you can perform keyword research, competition analysis, monitor keyword ranking, backlink research, and more. It also has detailed content analysis tools that let you improve your content quality while targeting particular keywords. With the help of this tool, you can easily analyze keyword cannibalization and find duplicate content which helps you to upgrade the right content to boost your SEO rankings. 

SEOPress: It is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin and it has a lot of advanced features such as redirects, description, open graph support, content XML sitemaps, description, and more. It is beginner-friendly. It stands out when compared to other top WordPress SEO plugins on the market in terms of features and other options. It allows you to manage all of your titles, meta descriptions for posts or pages, or terms. In the paid version, you can enjoy features such as local business SEO, Google News XML sitemaps, and more. 

SEO Framework WordPress Plugin: It is the best choice for professionals who want a lightweight at the same time fast SEO plugin for WordPress without interpretation of any ads or upsells. The interface is perfect for beginners to learn and it is the greatest alternative to Yoast SEO. The framework provides more advanced functionality with the help of extensions including article enhancement, monitoring for SEO and uptime, local SEO, redirects, incognito mode, comment catching for spammers, and article enhancement. 

Rank Math: It is a rapidly-growing user-friendly WordPress SEO plugin that lets you optimize for a website. It has an easy setup wizard and lets you import data from other SEO plugins during the setup. Using this tool, you can add meta title, open graph metadata, and description to your blog posts. It also allows you to generate an XML sitemap, connect Google Search Console, and control access to plugin features based on user roles. The UI of this tool is very simple and easy to understand and it is the one-stop for all your SEO requirements.

Schema Pro: It enables you to add rich snippets to your website which makes it unique in the search results. The rich snippets make you stand out in competition by showing a star rating below a review. Images next to the description, prices below a product, and more. You can also use this tool along with your WordPress SEO Plugin by mapping the plugin data to Schema Pro fields. It is the best keyword research tool available in the market right now. It enables you to generate keyword ideas by typing in a keyword. Their keyword suggestions are collected from Google’s advanced feature called autosuggest a feature. You can also get other information such as keyword search volume, cost per click, and other data for each keyword by upgrading to their paid plan.

Redirection: This tool helps you to set up SEO-friendly redirects in WordPress. It is the best handy WordPress Plugins that lets you easily fix 404 errors in WordPress By simply setting up redirects. Having broken links in your website can negatively impact your SEO and deliver a bad experience for your users. Hence check your sites for broken links at a regular interval of time. 

SEOquake: It is an effective SEO tool used by digital marketers and SEO owners. You can also add it as an add-on for browsers including Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari web, and Google Chrome. It offers SEO-related information for any website and this information includes Alexa rank, last updated, age, page health, and more. 

MonsterInsights: It offers you the insights you need to work on your website’s SEO techniques and strategies. It lets you easily install Google Analytics in WordPress. Using this you can also track your e-commerce SEO. 


SEO seems to be a daunting task when you don’t have the Best WordPress SEO tools on your side. However, when you find the best WordPress SEO plugins and spend some quality time on learning how to use them perfectly. The above list covers quite a bit, some businesses have different SEO requirements. Connect with an SEO company to know which tools work best for your WordPress development and company needs.

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