20 Best SEO Reporting Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use In 2023

20 Best SEO Reporting Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use In 2023

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a must needed for businesses today to strengthen their presence in the online medium. Without SEO tactics, websites can’t survive in the digital medium. If you are dealing with business and like to earn more with your online business, you need to generate more traffic for your website. To generate organic traffic, you need to rank on search engines for specific keywords. Anyone who is aware of the internet has heard of SEO. But, still, most of us do not get a proper understanding of how it works. Sometimes SEO can seem daunting, here we give you the list of best SEO tools that SEO experts use to make their SEO strategy fierce in just a second. Go through this article to know about the best SEO tools that skilled SEO Experts use in 2022.

20 Best SEO Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use in 2021


SEMrush is the best SEO monitoring tool for SEO marketers. It performs a variety of operations including search engine optimization, marketing suite, and competitor analysis. SEMrush’s SEO toolkit has more than 20 tools and reporting modules. With the help of this tool, you can access the largest keyword database, rank tracking, on-page SEO analysis, and backlink management tools. This tool is available in four versions namely free, pro, guru, and business. You can choose the best one based on your needs and requirements.


Ahrefs is a professional SEO tool used to perform a variety of functions starting from keyword management and competitive analysis. It is the best choice for Skilled SEO marketers. It is widely preferred by SEOs beginners, experts, and marketing professionals. Ahrefs crawls the web, stores a lot of data, and makes it easily accessible through a simple user interface. Using this tool, you can drive organic traffic to your site. You can also do keyword research, link building, and content marketing.


KWFinder is the best SEO tool for both beginners and mid-size businesses. Using this tool, you can improve your keyword search ranking. It helps businesses to find keywords that have high search volume. It also helps you to identify the low-cost, high-traffic keywords that will expand your search ranking improvements per dollar spent. It is a fast and easy way to find keywords with a lot of filters to help narrow your search. You can choose the best one from basic, premium, and agency plans.


Ubersuggest is introduced by a famous digital marketer, Neil Patel. It is a free tool for small businesses. It is simple to use and it does not require any payments, registration, signups, or installation. This tool enables users to get insight into the tricks that are working well for others in your niche, so you can follow them. It is a free tool and the best choice for freelancers. Using this tool, you can easily check backlinks and analyze SEO.


Moz tool performs review management, automation of duplicate deletion, actionable insights, and listing management. This tool simplifies SEO analysis and helps subscribers find out which queries visitors are using. For any keyword, you can view search volume, difficulty, priority score, mentions, and ranking. The Moz SEO crawler checks your site for issues and explains the effect of each issue. Moz Pro offers powerful tools to develop a better backlink profile. You can track your performance and compare results with top competitors.

Yoast SEO

It is one of the best SEO tools for WordPress websites. It also helps your business get more traffic from search engines, attract customers from social media, and boost custom engagement rates. With the help of Yoast blog posts, you will get to know everything including Technical SEO, content SEO, analytics, and e-commerce. It has a variety of features including automatic updates, keyword optimization, interlink suggestions, and a free SEO course.


BuzzSumo is the top SEO suggestion tool. So far, it is the best on-page SEO analysis tool available in the market. Using this tool, you can analyze who is trending in social media, reader’s feedback, and use data to expand the business. It has key features such as brand monitoring, advanced search, Facebook add-on, and content analysis reports based on articles analyzed and engagements. It is available in pro, plus, large, and enterprise versions.


It is a great SEO tool for agencies. This tool will crawl into your website to the deepest level and offer you easy access to SEO related information. It is one of the best on-page SEO analysis tools that provide a comprehensive all-in-one SEO solution. DeepCrawl is constantly updating its features and functions to fit with the standards of the latest SEO technique. It enables you to optimize your site to ensure a seamless market flow. It will show metrics of linking, crawl efficiency, and site speed in the form of graphics.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an SEO tool introduced by Google. It is a great tool for bloggers as it offers powerful search data for topics that generate more traffic. It enables you to view data by location. Using tools, you can track downward trends, perform competitor analysis, and find seasonal trends. It provides integration with Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, and more. It is a free tool and it can be accessed by anyone who has a Google account.


BrightEdge is the best SEO platform for content marketing.  Using this management tool, you can gain more traffic, profit, and conversations from organic real-time search. This tool allows you to track content and check speed performance across multiple digital platforms. You can integrate with YouTube, Google, and Amazon to find the real-time ranking. You can perform a variety of functions such as competitive analysis, organic tracking positions, and a reporting dashboard.

Keywords Everywhere

It is the most preferred tool by SEO experts and it works well with browsers, as an add-on. Using this tool, you can find keyword search volume, CPC, and competition data. This tool allows you to work on multiple sites including Google, Amazon, eBay, YouTube, UberSuggest, and Moz. This tool is free and even a person with simple knowledge can access this tool.


It is a keyword research tool that provides a selection of useful data about the keyword that you entered in the search. It is a Google Chrome browser extension that can be installed in just a few clicks without any payment. Using this tool, you can search from any geo-location, get related searches and metrics like CPC and keyword search volume.


It is one of the easiest SEO tools in the market. They allow users to view millions of keyword results, Facebook ad data, Google Ads data, and about your competitor’s backlinks. It is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to cover all your SEO news starting from the Google search engine results page(SERP). The key features of this tool are organic research, competitiveness metrics, difficulty score, and word count.

Advanced Web Ranking

It is the best SEO tool for marketing teams looking to track a large volume of keywords. It is a great tool for agencies and in-house teams to track keywords on a hyper-specific level. This tool allows you to track more than 3,000 search engines in 170 countries. It also performs competitor analysis that includes metrics such as new competitor discovery, market share, and estimated visits.


SiteChecker Pro is the best website checker that offers a deep SEO analysis, so in the case in the future, you can make SEO improvements. After you put your website URL into the site checker, you will get data related to rankings, traffic, backlinks, and more. The key features of this tool are on-page SEO audits, website traffic checks, daily backlink tracking, rankings checks, and website change monitoring.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is the most preferred tool by SEO experts. It is a free tool and it shows the approximate value of keyword search volume. It is a great tool to learn about keyword research. Using this tool, you can view the estimated number of clicks, costs, impressions, CPC & CTC for the keyword you fed the tool with.

Google Search Console

It is a free tool for providing SEO purposes and it allows you to monitor how your site is doing in Google search. This tool helps you to fix indexing problems, request re-indexing of pages, and test your live data. Using this tool, you can get your site links displayed below the search results.

Authority Labs

It is the best tool that comes with a user-friendly interface. With the help of this tool, you can easily set up multiple sites and optimize your SEO campaigns. You can also track SEO campaigns and tricks used by other competitors in your niche. The key features of this tool are keyword targeting, free trial, and daily reporting.


It is the one-stop for all your SEO and digital marketing requirements. Using this tool, you optimize your SEO and content marketing campaigns. You can do a variety of functions including keyword research, competitor research, PPC analysis, and more. You can also track the backlinks of your fellow competitors.

Long Tail Pro

Long-tail Pro is a keyword research tool that helps you to find out less competitive keywords. Using this tool, you will get higher organic traffic and offer excellent keyword suggestions. It is mostly used for generating long-tail keywords and finding competitive keywords.


The above is the list of best SEO tools that SEO experts use in 2021. Some of them are free while using others you need to spend a certain amount. These tools are a great option for SEO experts who don’t need robust and expensive solutions. With the help of these SEO tools, you can improve your keyword research and search engine ranking. When selecting an SEO tools, ensure to look into the exact features you need, before making a final decision.  SEO can be quite a challenge, these SEO tools help you in making your life much easier. If you are struggling to do SEO efforts for your website, then hire an SEO company to make your website generate organic traffic.

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