20 Software Development Tools To Improve Your Productivity

20 Software Development Tools To Improve Your Productivity

The software development tool is the computer program used by software developers for creating, maintaining, editing, supporting, and debugging applications, frameworks, and programs. Software development tools can be of many forms like compilers, code editors, GUI designer, debugger, assemblers, and performance analysis tool. Choosing the right development will impact your project’s success and efficiency. In this blog, we have created a list of tools every programmer should have to improve their productivity.

How To Improve Your Productivity

Time management plays a crucial factor in achieving success during the development phase of the software. It is necessary to stay on track with the fast-moving world of software development. You can improve your productivity using software development tools. There are thousands of development tools available in the online medium, you can choose the one based on your requirements. is an agile software development platform. It supports developer teams to build the product faster and iterate them swiftly. Using this software, you can customize your workflows and be able to track your team’s progress through real-time progress reporting. You can save your time by automating the workflow. It has an effort tracking feature that lets developers track the actual story points spent on different projects and tracks.


Embold is a software analytics platform that is used to fix bugs before the deployment phase. This tool can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. It helps to find out issues that impact robustness, security, maintainability, and stability. You can integrate seamlessly with Bitbucket, Azure, Github, and other tools. It has unique anti-pattern detection that prevents the compounding of unmaintainable code.


Linx is a tool used to accelerate the design, development, and automation of custom business processes. It provides more than 100 pre-built plugins programming functions and services for rapid development. It has a drag-and-drop IDE and server. It is a tool used for building backend applications and web services. You can automate processes via a timer, directory event, or expose web services.


Quixy is a simple tool used for building complex applications. It is used to automate tasks and processes and build applications without writing any code.  It has many pre-built solutions for incident management, project management, and expense management. It is a Zero-Code platform and offers ready-to-use templates. It has features like IP filtering, custom password policies, and multi-step authentication, etc.


Atom is an open-source platform and source code editor that is friendly and hackable to the core. It supports cross-platform editing and works for various operating systems like OS X, Linux, and Windows. It has important features including a built-in package manager, find & replace feature, multiple panes, file system browser, and smart autocomplete. Using this tool, you can build cross-platform applications with web technologies.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment that supports various programming languages like PHP, Python, C, Perl, JavaScript, and more. It is used to script, run, and debug the code in the cloud. With Cloud 9, serverless application is possible, that will help in switching between remote and local testing, and debugging activities.


GitHub is a tool used for code review and code management. Using GitHub, the user can build applications, host the code, review the code, and manage the projects. Most developers use GitHub for experimenting with new programming languages in their projects. This software can run seamlessly on Windows and macOS. It offers project management tools that help users to stay aligned and coordinate easily.


NetBeans is used to develop quality web, mobile, and desktop applications easily. It is a Javascript open-source development tool. It uses programming languages such as C, C+, PHP, JavaScript, and Java. it provides features such as writing bug-free code, easy management process, and quick user interface development. It is the best tool for debugging, profiling, dedicated support from the community, support for Java platforms, and powerful GUI builder.


Bootstrap is a free framework mostly used for designing faster websites and developing responsive websites. Users can customize Bootstrap according to their project’s needs and requirements. It provides other features like plug-ins, pre-built components, a responsive grid system, and sass variables. This tool provides consistency among all the members of the team working on the project.


Node.js is a cross-platform application that is used to build a variety of web applications and web servers. It can run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Unix, etc. It is preferred by developers to write server-side applications in JavaScript. Many IT companies, software developers use node.js for developing web and network server applications in their projects.


Jira is the top software development tool used by agile teams for tracking, planning, and releasing the software. The other important features of Jira are Kanban Boards, Code Integration, Portfolio Management, GitHub Integration, and Project Management. It works well on both Windows and Linux operating systems. This tool is available free for one week’s trails.


CloudForge is a Saas product commonly used for building collaborative applications in the cloud. It is used by developers for connecting, coding, and deploying the applications. This tool has top features such as version control hosting, bugs & issue tracking, visibility & reporting, deploying code to private clouds, and agile planning. It is available for a 30 days free trial.


Microsoft Azure is used for deploying, designing, testing, and managing web applications. It offers various services including data management, storage services, media services, CDN, caching, virtual network, business analytics, and messaging. It supports various types of languages including PHP, JavaScript, Python, and .NET. Using Azure, users can find out the threats and solve them, deliver the mobile apps flawlessly, manage the apps proactively, etc.

Spiralogics Application Architecture (SAA)

SAA is a cloud-based application development tool. It is used to design, define, customize, and publish their software applications online without using any codes. It offers excellent features such as drag & drop controls, customizing controls, interactive dashboard builder, a graphical representation of workflows, embed, and built-in HTML editor. It supports various platforms like Linux, iOS, Windows, and Android.


Delphi is used to develop cross-platform Native Applications with cloud services and comprehensive IoT connectivity. It supports platforms such as Linux, Android, iOS, IoT, Cloud, and Mac OS. It supports features including source control, a strong database, code collaboration, and a code editor with code completion. The newest versions of Delphi include features such as VCL Control, FireMonkey, Installer, and Quick Edit Support.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that allows rapid development and delivery of web, and mobile applications. It has key features like Artificial Intelligence, JavaScript, cloud functions, multi-language support, offline mobile access, and integration with a payment gateway. It is a zero-coding tool that reduces app-development time and effort.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a JavaScript-based framework preferred by web developers to design web applications. It works easily with other libraries. It works seamlessly with data-driven applications. It has advanced features such as deep-linking, data binding, form validation, localization, and dependency injection. It works well on both mobile and desktop browsers like iOS, IE, chrome, and Safari.


Eclipse is the leading IDE that is used by Java developers. It is used to develop applications in other programming languages like  PHP, ABAP, C, C++, C#, etc. It plays a key role in the development of new solutions and innovations. Some of the benefits of Eclipse are rich client platform, error debugging, code completion, and industrial level of development.


Adobe Dreamweaver is a leading software program used for building simple or complex websites. It supports many markup languages including CSS, XML,HTML and JavaScript.  It supports both Linux and Windows Operating Systems. 

Crimson Editor

Crimson Editor is the lightweight text editing tool that existed only for Microsoft Windows. Using this tool, you can edit the score of the programming languages including HTML, Perl, C, and Java. The advanced features of Crimson Editor are syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents, user tools, and print & print preview.


In this article, we have listed top software development tools along with features and supported platforms. You can boost your productivity by using these latest tools.

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