5 Best Tools For Start-Up Businesses To Improve Productivity

5 Best Tools For Start-Up Businesses To Improve Productivity

Starting your own business?


We applaud your courage, zeal, and hard work. But, being an entrepreneur can be excessively overwhelming.

You are just penetrating the market, and there are so many new things that you might not know.

Which is totally fine!

Every new business person learns from the trial and error method. You have to maintain a level-headedness and keep up your hard work.

But, how do you measure that hard work?

Now, we know what you must be thinking.

Is it really important?

Yes, very much. Mostly because that is the measurement of your productivity; there is no motivation without productivity.

So, there you have it. That’s why you need to work hard!

How Can You Achieve This?

There are ways to achieve the productivity that you desire!

These are determined by the goals that you set for your small business based on the customer base you wish to reach and the sales you want to achieve with them.

In this excerpt below, we will mention the seven best tools for your start-up that will help you measure productivity and increase it.

These are the best software that you can install to not relieve yourself from the overwhelming feeling of your work.

These will also protect you from overworking because that is never good!

If you find it difficult to pay for these software applications, then The Pirate Bay can help you get them for free!

Five Software For Productivity

These are software that is handpicked from the top recommendations of new entrepreneurs.

1. Google Analytics

Yes, you need to have a goal for each task!

But how will you create that goal when you don’t know much about what your audience wants? This is why you need Google Analytics.

You will get an overview of the market, and most importantly, about the people who are visiting your website and what is gaining their attention.

You can map your goals accordingly and know exactly where you need to focus more.

2. Toggle Plan

Even if it is a small business, you might still have people working for you.

Now, it is not just your productivity that you have to map and increase; it is also your employees. A toggle plan is the best tool to supervise their work by letting the tool do most of the brainwork.

This excellent organizing tool will let you know what they are doing, when, and even how.

3. HubSpot

Now that you know how to supervise your employees, what about your customers?

No, you might not need to supervise them, but you still need to keep an eye on them. For this, you will need this amazing application called HubSpot. This tool has features like inbound marketing and segmented targeting.

They allow you to keep a good customer relationship and tweak your business according to their needs.

4. ProofHub

Proofhub is a next-level project planning software!

During this time, when everyone is remote working, you will need a tool that explains the project to every employee perfectly.

Proof Hub has features that will help you coordinate tasks and map its accomplishment. It will also help you have meetings and discussions within small groups.

Online project management gets easier with the editing tools, ensuring that everyone is maintaining the deadline.


This is your collaboration tool! gives that central point of communication that you will need to manage everyone’s tasks and maintain the balance of hard work.

You can do real-time updates and have a transparent timeline to ensure that everyone is up to date with their work.

This is more essential during remote working because, as a business owner, you need to map the asset and liability to increase productivity.

With Productivity Comes Motivation!

It is only through productivity that you can drive motivation!

You can never work and work without any results. Thus, whenever you are working, always calculate the results. It doesn’t have to be a big success, but even a small achievement can push you.

So, make sure whatever you are doing is bringing some results, and refrain from overworking.

You need rest to recharge!

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