7 Best Coding Challenge Websites In 2022

7 Best Coding Challenge Websites In 2022

“As humans, we have evolved to compete; it is in our genes, and we love to watch a competition.” – Peter Diamandis

If you are a coder, and you say you are one of the best coders out there, I would ask compared to whom? If you are to prove yourselves better, the primary need is to have someone who is less good than you. While you may feel that comparison simply increases restlessness; a healthy competition, can help you show your competence. This becomes necessary if you are on a lookout for a good employment opportunity as a coder. Coding competitions are a great option for this. A number of platforms or websites today are issuing such competitions. They are lucrative for participants, offering them a number of internships opportunities, scholarships, and even job opportunities.

Competitions are blessings in disguise and they do great in boosting confidence as well as skills. For a coder like you, who is thinking about making it big in this world, they are your answers. So, which are Competitive programming websites on which you can keep an eye – to participate, to win (or loose), but find some really great opportunities and improve your self-worth.

7 Best Coding challenges Websites in 2022:


This Russian website offers rather exciting programming competitions for worldwide coders. Here, every month about 6 contests are offered which are free and the participants are to come up with solutions during the contest. After being tested, those who pass, are allowed to earn points by finding mistakes in sources of other participants and then challenging or hacking their solutions. These are the pre tests and those who pass and are not hacked are then tested through final tests.


CodChef is one of the competitive Coding platforms with a number of challenges. They offer more than 3200 contests which receive more than 92 million submissions. The solutions can be submitted in any of the more than 55 languages which CodeChef accepts. The winners are even offered cash prises of about INR 20,000. There is a programming contest at the beginning of every month and at the end and in the middle of the month there are also two small contests. The winners earn points which are added to their profile and they can move up the ranks in CodeChef. Other than contests, there are also various tutorials and forum discussions available.


A great platform for beginner and intermediate coders, CodeWars offers number of coding challenges which can be solved in their online editor using any of the more than 20 languages they support. They also provide discussion forum and solutions of others for the challenges. Points are earned by winning which helps in ranking higher.


Coderbyte has more than 300 coding challenges ranging from easy to hard, using a total of 10 programming languages, and which can be solved directly online in an online editor. Coderbyte provides official solutions for the challenges, and even provides you with the solutions given by other participants. It has thus more than 1.5 million solutions available. Coderbyte is well suited for beginners and intermediate coders as they also provide a collection of introductory videos, algorithm tutorials, interview preparation courses, etc. and thus is one of the Best sites to practice programming


HackerRank provides a number of competitive Coding challenges to solve – from various domains such as artificial intelligence, algorithm, etc. – within given specifications using any of the varying programming languages. The contests include – HourRank where about three to four algorithm challenges are to be solved in an hour; World CodeSprint where seven to eight challenges are to be solved within an hour; 101 Hack is a monthly contest where five algorithm challenges are to be solved within two hours; Week of Code is a weeklong contest where everyday a new and more difficult algorithmic challenge is presented; etc. Most important of all there are also various ‘Company Contests’ determined and sponsored by specific companies which are on a lookout for hiring developers. And yes, you get points for your wins too.


LeetCode has good collection of online Coding competitions with advanced topics ranging from heaps, binary trees, to lists, etc. These challenges are a great for intermediate to advanced coders who are preparing for interviews for software engineering. Thus, they provide with Mock interview section; along with a discussion board within which people discuss about jobs, interview questions, etc. If you know the basics, this site is great for practicing coding, especially as they host their own coding contests.


This is a great platform for online Competitive Programming. TopCoder is popular for its Single Round Matches (SRMs), where the participants compete to solve challenges, and the faster one wins. The SRM are carried out every week in a month at specific time. Advanced programmers who can solve algorithm challenges are more suited for this challenge platform as they provide from their past competitions, a list of algorithm challenges which participants can complete online. There are also sponsored competitions which receive winning prizes for the best solution.

Whether a beginner, intermediate or advanced; or whether a student or a well experienced coder, everyone has something or other to learn and compete for on any one or on all these platforms. So, believe in self and go explore!

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