A brief guide to designing high leads converted landing page

A brief guide to designing high leads converted landing page

In this article you are going to study the ways in which you can create high converting landing pages. Along with this, you will first go through what is a landing page, why is it important to create a high converting landing page and of course the benefits of a landing page and how it helps your website. So let’s get to the point.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is created with the motive to increase the conversion rates so that a business can reach the marketing goals it had desired. In simpler language, a landing page is one where you send the visitors or direct the traffic towards that page with the hope to reach the target audience where the audience is educated and the audience are converted into customers so that they could start a conversation and fix a deal with the specific company.

The importance of creating a landing page:

Studies indicate that an approximate of 48% of the companies create a landing page for every new campaign. Every landing page is created because of it’s specific set of reasons and for fulfilling different goals for example – building a brand, growing email list, making profit and many other purposes. It is always crucial as it helps spread the business to a larger audience and also allows one to reach the target amount of customers.

How to create a landing page?

The first thing you should keep in mind before drafting a landing page is that why are you creating it and the motive behind it. One landing page should have one motive and if you have more than one reasons to create landing pages then create more than one landing pages that is - one page with one reason as it is convenient for the customer to understand the page’s motive.

Now that you know what is the goal that you want to accomplish via the landing page, think of ways in which you can convey it to you audience that is you need to decide what your message will be so that it reaches your audience easily and at the same time they understand what is being conveyed to them.

Once you know what you are going to provide as the message or content, start the keyword mapping that is research and find out the relevant keywords. Spend your brains that what can a person type in google when looking for solutions and try to put them in your message. So, now that you know your goal and know your message along with significant keywords start putting them in the landing page together.

After this you need to find out the elements you need to include in your landing page. Some of the key elements of a landing page are mentioned here for your convenience :

  1. An attractive headline – The headline should be catchy and should cover almost everything the page needs to offer. It should be short, crisp and well written.
  2. The subheadings – The subheadings should convince the visitor to stay on the page. Also the subheading should elaborate on the general idea conveyed by the heading.
  3. Pictures or Images – The pictures present on the landing page should be appealing enough to grab the customers attention. As the visual content forms an integral part of a landing page that works.
  4. The Body Text or the Explanation – The body text should be in simply and easy to read language so that the customers can easily get hold of the complete information that they need to understand.  
  5. Ways to contact – Prove on the landing page that your business is legit. Add multiple ways of contact like address, two or three phone numbers, emails etc.

The benefits of a landing page are as follows:

  1. Builds Trust.
  2. Improves conversion rate.
  3. Customer retention.
  4. Meeting the demands of the customers.


A landing page is necessary as it helps your business to grow and the page should be created with professionalism. You can also take the help of leading Website designing companies like Techasoft to build the landing pages for your company.

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