Guide To Develop Custom Mobile App Development Process

Guide To Develop Custom Mobile App Development Process

Mobile apps have become one of the most vital needs of every human being in the world. The best mobile app development company is developing unique and user-friendly applications by observing the popularity and importance of mobile applications in every individual's life.

In such a modern phased world, everyone is aware of the usage and importance of mobile applications in their daily lives. Due to its use, the demand for mobile applications is increasing gradually

In the following blog, you will get to know how the top mobile app development company in the USA develops mobile applications by following a few steps.

Steps For Developing A Mobile App

Here are a few basic steps involved in the mobile app development process, which every best mobile app development company follows.

App development strategy

To initiate the process of mobile app development, the first step is strategizing. Then, it simply means introducing your idea for developing a successful app.

Before developing your mobile app, it is essential to make a strategy so that there is no issue while developing the mobile app and developing your app smoothly.

As the ideas of every individual are different from each other, you must understand their ideas and implement the best one.

In the strategy phase, you will need to follow some factors such as:

* Identify the app users

* Research about your competitors

* Define your goals and objectives

* Choose the suitable mobile app development platform

Analysis and planning

Your app development idea will initiate and take its shape as an actual project in the current step. So the analysis and planning will start with determining use cases and gathering functional requirements in detail.

Later once you have analysed the requirements of your application, you will need to design a product roadmap. It will include arranging the app development requirements and organising them into the delivery time.

The planning phase will include determining the experts and skills needed in your app development. For instance, different app development platforms require different technology stack.

You also need to decide the application's domain name, which can help the users identify your application in the app store. Assure to choose a unique domain name.

UI/UX design

The main reason behind app design is to provide a smooth and interactive user experience with an attractive look. The app design can also attract users to your app if the design is unique and elegant.

Mobile app success depends on how users interact with the application and whether they benefited from the features of the application or not. Therefore, the main motto of UI/UX design is to provide a seamless user experience to the users while using your application.

Information architecture

The initial step of your mobile app development process is to identify the data of your mobile app, which will be displayed to the users, the data your app will collect, and much more.

While app development is going on, developers are allocated with some specific roles or privileges that are important for the app’s information architecture.

The workflow diagrams will guide you to recognize suitable user interactions in the application and navigation structure.


The app designers usually start with designing the sketches with the help of pen and paper. However, wireframes are nothing but the digital forms of sketches. Wireframes are mainly theoretical layouts that give visual structure to your application requirement.

Style guide

Style guides are typical living documents where the application's design standards are stated with the help of the mobile app development process. Therefore, implementing a style guide to your mobile app development process will enhance the productivity of the mobile app developers. 


Mockups are mainly known as the final version of your application's design. It is created by placing your style guide on the application's wireframe.


While mockups display the functionality of your application with the help of static designs, they can turn to prototypes with the use of tools such as Invision and Figma.

Prototypes are very useful to resemble the user experience of the workflow of an application from the final product.

App development

Planning is an essential part of the app development phase in the mobile app development process. Before starting the app development process, you will need to define the architecture, select a technology stack, and define the development landmark.

Backend technology

It will involve database and server-side objects, which are necessary for supporting the functions of your mobile app. If you are using an existing backend platform, the alterations must be needed.


API is known as an Application Programming Interface, a method of communication between the application and backend server.

Mobile app frontend

 The front end is mainly the native mobile app that the end-user will use. Mobile applications will mostly have an interactive user experience that uses an API and back end to handle data.


After completing the mobile app development process, testing is the other most integral part of the app development process. Testing the application can make it stable, scalable, and secure to use.

You need to hire the top mobile app development company in the USA so that they can provide you with an expert QA tester who will test your application very keenly and will check your application whether it works smoothly or not.

Testing consists of various types such as user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, device and platform testing, and much more.

Deployment and support

Deploying a native mobile application will require submitting your mobile application to the various app stores for different platforms, such as the Apple store for iOS and Google play store for Android.

Although, you will also need a developer account for iOS and Android before launching the mobile application. Before releasing the app to the app store, you need some prepared metadata which includes:

* Title of your app

* Description

* Category

* Keywords

* Launch icon

* App Store screenshots


The App development process is a challenging yet exciting process as it requires a plethora of steps and factors to take care of. However, if you follow the steps for developing the application, it will be easy to create a successful application.

Suppose you are not confident in developing the application by yourself. In that case, you can contact the best mobile app development company to help you build your app and change your idea into reality.

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