How much does it cost to develop mobile apps in India?

How much does it cost to develop mobile apps in India?

In today’s tech-savvy and competitive world, a mobile app is built to attract and engage with more customers and is one of the ideal strategic action performed by today’s enterprise companies and startup owners. Therefore, it is crucial for every business owner to invest in a mobile application. There are several factors which affect the app development cost such as:

  • Platform on which the app is built, complexities in the app involved & the experience of the developing team hired.
  • The app build for platforms like IOS are quicker to build and generally cost lesser. The cost per download on IOS is high as compared to Android.
  • Cost of the development of an app on an android platform is lower and easier. Apps do not requires regular updation. This reduces the maintenance cost involved.
  • The other expenses may be related to Project requirement and needs, Project concept & Complexity of UI
  • Simple App will cost you anywhere around $1000 to $3000 where the app includes API Integration, Simple UI/UX, Map view, Simple Search etc.
  • The app with higher complexity than simple app will cost you around $3000 to $15000 which includes basic features with additional features like UI/UX- Tablets support, Search by map, Social Integration etc.
  • The Apps with More Complexity than the above two would cost - $15000 to $50000 which includes additional features like Integration with 3rd Party services, Custom Animation, Advanced Filters, Payments Integration, Chat feature etc.
  • As the number of integrations mostly third party integrations tend to increase so does the development cost of the mobile application.
  • The mobile app development, its Support and Maintenance in India results in cost escalation.

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